Our January Author Spotlight shines on Karen Whiddon.

Karen Whiddon, like most authors, was a reader first. Like her taste in music, her reading choices are diverse. She cheerfully reads romance, horror, young adult, paranormal - actually anything that catches her eye.

Karen first started trying to write before people had personal computers. She wrote her fist book on an electric typewriter and sent it off to Harlequin Books, her dream publisher. It was rejected after much back and forth with changes and she went on to write four more unpublished manuscripts. 

Finally, in 1997, she dusted off that first book and rewrote it and sent it off to Kensington Books for the Precious Gems line. To her joy, they bought it and her first book was published in 1998.

She went on to write 4 more books for Kensington and then one day sat down and wrote a paranormal, Fae, time-travel romance She sent it in to Leisure Books and they bought it for their Lovespell romance line. She ended up writing 5 more Fae books for them. She got an agent after her first book was published and is still with that agent to this day.

Persistence Pays

In 2003, Karen once again sent in a book (through her agent) to her dream publisher, Harlequin. They bought it for the Silhouette Intimate Moments Line. Overjoyed, Karen continued to write for Harlequin, eventually writing for Harlequin Nocturne and Harlequin Romantic Suspense. She worked with numerous editors, settling with her current editor Patience Bloom, whom she adores. Her 50th Harlequin will be out in April. She has since gotten the rights back to many of her older books and has self-published them (with new covers) on Amazon.

The Widow's Bodyguard

Karen's 49th Harlequin, The Widow's Bodyguard, is on pre-order now. It will publish on January 12, 2021.

From Harlequin Romantic Suspense: Danger. Passion. Drama.

She broke his heart.

Will the truth shatter hers?

When Eva Rowson left her motorcycle gang life behind her, Jesse Wyman chose the club over her. Now that he’s been hired to protect Eva from vengeful death threats, their reunion is fractious at best. 

Sparks fly between the widow and her biker bodyguard, but will passion survive when Eva reveals her secret—and discovers who her protector really is?

Karen blogs on Romance Gems on the 3rd of each month. Be sure and leave a comment on her blog day and ask about her long career with Harlequin.

Happy New Year from Karen and all of the Romance Gems Authors.