In May, we celebrate Mother's Day and Memorial Day in the U.S.A.

We can think of no better time to honor Moms, Soldiers, and First Responders everywhere.

Heroes and She-roes Celebration

Maya Angelou, an unofficial Poet Laureate of America, may have been the first to refer to women as She-roes rather than as heroines.

I like She-roes because it sounds as if it should be the feminine counterpart of heroes. Heroine always makes me think of leading ladies in novels and movies.

Let's own the word She-roes, and let's celebrate them all from stay-at-home Moms to Moms in the workplace and Moms who save lives and win Purple Hearts from combat wounds. (Yes, there are more than 50 who have.)

Let's celebrate the women and men of our police forces and fire departments, ambulance crews, nurses, doctors, and all branches of the military in all countries. Take a moment to thank them for their service. What they all do takes courage and determination and a strong moral compass to do the job and do it well.

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Bachelor Party by Karen Kelley

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A bachelor party—what could possibly go wrong? This wasn’t her room, this wasn’t her bed, she didn’t think she was Goldilocks and. . . .  She looked at the man in bed beside her. He most definitely wasn’t Baby Bear. Although the expression on his face was hungry, Cassidy didn’t think he had porridge on his mind. She clutched the covers closer to her body.

Fabulous at Fifty by Kathleen Lawless

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Sex in the city grows up! Can newly-single Rachel Fontaine take her best friend’s advice and never turn down a sexy romp? Such brazen behavior goes against her character. Or does it? Especially after she becomes a grandmother.

Hold on for the fun as Rachel reinvents herself and discovers life after fifty is fabulous.

Home is Where the Hunk Is by Nancy Fraser

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In this special romance about moms, the mom heroine doesn't know how to answer a complicated question.

How do you tell the only man you’ve ever loved that you’re not just his son’s aunt, but you’re also the boy’s mother?

Kentucky Flame by Jan Scarbrough

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Mel grapples with the mistakes of her past. She’s fallen off a lot of horses in her life. The trick is to get back on and try again. Does she have the courage to try again with Jake? As danger escalates, Mel and Jake must work together to discover who’s threatening Mel’s life and the safety of their daughter. Is there enough of an ember in the ashes of their past to reignite the flames of love?

Lost and Found by Lucinda Race

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Fifteen years ago, Cari survived the devastating loss of her husband, Ben. Despite a wonderful family, friends, and a thriving business, there is emptiness in her heart. Ray Davis has been a good friend and neighbor since their kids were toddlers, sharing the struggles of single parenthood. He's waited for years for Cari to be ready for more than friendship. Her daughters are determined to give her helping hand with dating, hoping Cari finds romance and love. But someone from the past comes back to town and changes their families forever.

Running Target by Kari Lemor

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A price on his head.

A family to protect.

Getting the goods on a mob boss won’t be easy, especially while he’s a running target.

Secret Hunger by Satin Russell

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She's chasing dreams. Olivia never regretted forsaking her dreams to finish raising her sisters after their parents' death. Now they're grown and moved out, leaving her free to pick up where she left off—if she can find the courage to start over.

He's hunting nightmares. Boston Police detective Mason, recovering from the tragedy that left his partner dead, wants to heal and find the killer. The last thing on his mind is romance. Finding love wasn't in either of their plans. As their relationship heats up, Olivia realizes she’s drawn sinister kind of attention. She finds herself fighting not only for her dreams but for her very life.

Sweet Dreams Baby by Nora LeDuc

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Who killed Judge Shaw Buchanan aka “the hanging judge,” on the day of his wife’s funeral? His estranged daughter Harper, single mom of a 4-year-old, witnesses the murder in the small town of Barley, New Hampshire. Vowing to find the killer, she hires local PI Finn O’Rourke to track down the shooter. As they work together, she's drawn to Finn’s looks, smarts, and self-reliance. But she’s fallen for the wrong man before and doesn't want to repeat her mistake. How long can she keep their relationship professional?

The Brantons, a Collection by Bonnie Edwards

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Three fun, steamy stories of lost love returned, new love found and brand new chances. The Brantons have had some peculiar twists in their love lives.

Body Work: A second chance romance for reunited first loves.

Slow Hand: A runaway bride finds love on her honeymoon...

Whole Lot o' Love: A secret baby comes home in this 2nd chance romance.

The Bride's Secret by Cheryl Bolen

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Since his commanding officer in the Peninsula took a bullet meant for him, James Moore, now the Earl of Rutledge, feels responsible for the dead man's young son and the boy's exquisite mother, Carlotta Ennis. He offers to marry the lavender-eyed beauty. Though their marriage was not to be a love match, Carlotta's torturing presence has James yearning to make her his true wife.

Though she did not love his lordship, her desperate situation forced her to accept his proposal. Little did she know she would come to crave being with him, would hunger for his every touch. If only she could be worthy of the fine man she's married, if only she can keep him from learning her dark secret . . .

The Dark Horse by Liz Flaherty.

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Widowed Chloe Brewton has made a life for herself in Christmas Town, Maine, teaching literature and being the drama coach at the high school. She’s content with her life until she meets Major Row Welcome.

The Major is visiting relatives and deciding about his future. Now, Chloe feels stirrings of old wishes for happily-ever-after. The attraction is mutual, but Row doesn't want to try marriage again, plus he’s not interested in having a family.

The Perfect Soldier by Karen Whiddon

Guarding country music superstar Jillie Everhart wasn't a duty he'd ever expected when he'd joined the Elite Shadow Unit. But he was up for the task, even if she managed to break through his self-defense and make him want her. He lived for his mission - bringing down former captors that still threatened him. Would the feelings she awakened compromise his task, or would love be the one thing that might save them both?

The Writer's Romance by Elsa Kurt

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She's a reclusive writer, content with keeping the world at bay. He's the dashing TV reality show host about to turn her quiet world upside down.

When these two meet, sparks fly and tempers flare. Can they stop arguing long enough to fall in love?

Voices of Angels by Peggy Jaeger

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Love is the last thing Carly Lennox is looking for when she sets out on her new book tour. The independent, widowed author is content with a life spent writing and in raising her daughter.

When newscaster Mike Woodard suggests they work on a television magazine profile based on her book, Carly’s thrilled, but guarded. His obvious desire to turn their relationship into something other than just a working one is more than she bargained for.

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