Saturday, January 9, 2021

Turn on the Heat by Hannah Rowan #romancegems

 Winter wonderland?  Really, fellow Gems?

I can’t help but think of Green Eggs and Ham. “I do not like it…”

I know there are people who love the cold weather. I don’t understand them one little bit.

Do they not have to go out in the morning and scape a few inches of ice from their windshields, then slide sideways along slippery highways to get to work?

Do they not then come out of work only to find it already dark at 4:30 in the afternoon?

There was a time when I was probably insane. As a child I would bundle up in my hat and gloves and boots and trudge through the snow to ride a sled down a steep hill that ended at a river. My brother and I would make a trail through the woods so we’d have a clear path on the way down, but inevitably my sled would veer off course and I’d crash head-first into a tree. Brain damage would indeed explain why I thought this activity was fun, with snow melting down the back of my coat and my mittens and sleeves all wet and freezing and snow sliding into my boots.

My town would flood a parking lot bordered by railroad ties so kids could ice skate there. I tottered along on my skates—no graceful gliding for me—with visions of hot chocolate dancing through my frozen head.

And I thought I was having fun?  As I look back, I’m horrified.

Later I would take my children skiing. Or more accurately, I would drive them to the slopes and huddle in the ski lodge by the fireplace reading or writing a book until they came to tell me they were done.

In the summer I can toss on a pair of sandals and walk out the door. In the winter I have to don my armor, with hats and gloves scarf and boots, a down coat that almost keeps me warm bolstered by a few layers of sweaters beneath.

At bedtime I snuggle under a blanket, a bedspread, a down quilt, a fluffy Ugg blanket folded in half to provide two layers, and a fleecy robe, and I’m almost warm.

And this year I can’t even break up the cold by spending a week or so in a nice warm place, reminding me that winter can’t last forever.

So I tell myself it builds character, that I’m tough enough to endure it, and that this too shall pass.

But I do not like it, not one little bit!



  1. I'm not a fan of the cold either. I feel your pain!

  2. I always love your posts. I DO like winter...until December 26, at which time I think it should cease and desist.

  3. Winter here is gloom and gloom with a little gloom tossed in for variety. Rare sunny days and even rarer snow to brighten the landscape. But it’s green ... mossy green everywhere. But I grew up with real winters and I miss the sunshine and snow sometimes.

  4. I cautiously like winter here in Texas because I'm down on the Gulf Coast, not up in Dallas or the Panhandle. Today is sunny with brilliant blue skies even though the temperature is low 50s. We're headed to the ranch to make sure the heating system which had the mother board replaced 2 weeks ago is working properly because that area is supposed to have snow and ice tomorrow evening. That's Texas for you. Other than our Houston winters, I'm not a big fan of the season.

  5. I'll join the not a winter fan club. Give me warmth and sun. I'm then a happy camper.

  6. I'm a lover of seasons. Much as I don't like the idea of driving in or shoveling snow, I can appreciate a roaring fire and many of the activities winter brings. Must be the Caribbean woman in me. There is such a thing as too much summer. I now live in Florida. Go figure!

  7. Haha!! This is why I now winter in Florida!! I never minded looking at the snow, but walking, driving, or being in the extreme cold isn't my favorite!

  8. I was born in Southern Calif and have spent my live living where the temperature hardly every drops below fifty degrees. I'm with you Hanna. Once, when I was living in Thailand, the weather took a turn toward cool and all the citizens downed their North Face jackets and put coats on the dogs. Even I dug out a pair of jeans. The weather had dropped to seventy eight,

  9. I grew up in NJ and so remember the cold. But when I was 16 my parents moved us to South Florida. What a change! I married and had my son there. After awhile I needed to stay out of the sun which meant off the beach. When my husband retired we moved half way back to NC. We both needed to live in 4 seasons again. Dec, Jan and Feb are a bit hard for me but the spring, summer and fall are worth all the cold and dreariness. We do get excited for the first 2 snowfalls too.

  10. Me not like Winter either ... At ALL....LOL!
    Great post.
    Good luck and God's blessings

  11. I see I'm not alone in my dislike of the cold! Don't get me started on air conditioning. LOL!!!


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