The Romance Gems Blog is operated and maintained by a Steering Committee composed of Joan Reeves, Nancy Fraser, Bonnie EdwardsJan Scarbrough, and Caroline Clemmons.

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The following policies govern the activities and events of the Romance Gems Blog.

Notifications to Winners

1. In the event Romance Gem has a Giveaway, all entries will be verified for eligibility. In the event of false entries or entries that did not fulfill the requirements of the Giveaway, those entries will be eliminated.

2. No winners’ names will be announced or published on Romance Gems Blog until said winners have been notified and entries verified as legitimate.

3. Entrants must leave a valid email address in order to enter. Be sure to enter the email correctly.

4. Using the email address the entrant entered, an official with Romance Gems Blog will make a good faith effort to contact all winners no later than the first of the month following the previous month's giveaway closing.

5. Notice #1 is our first attempt to notify you of your good fortune. It is sent within 5 days following the closing of the Giveaway. Entrants should check email and Spam filters for the notice. If you receive an email, please contact us promptly so we can verify your information and make arrangements to send you your prize.

6. Notice #2 is sent 2 days after the first notice if we have not heard from you.

7. Notice #3 is your final notice and is sent 2 days after the second notice if we still have not heard from you. This is your FINAL NOTICE in which we tell you that you have until noon of the next day, to contact us to claim your prize.

8. At the deadline time and date specified in the Final Notice, if the prize remains unclaimed, it will return to the "pool" of prizes and used in a future giveaway.

9. If a Giveaway is announced by and author in her post, said author is responsible for awarding and delivering the prize, not the blog group Romance Gems.

10. Any Giveaway sponsored by an individual Author, not by Romance Gems, is the responsibility of the Author to announce her guidelines, verify entrant eligibility, and award prizes. Romance Gems assumes no liability or responsibility for those giveaways.
If you have any questions regarding these terms, please use the Contact Form on the blog to get in touch with us.

Awarding Physical Prizes

Due to the prohibitive cost of international mail, if a Winner is outside the Continental United States, Ebooks will be sent instead of "physical" prizes such as Tshirts, journals, coffee mugs, etc.

Awarding Amazon Gift Cards

Every effort will be made to send a Winner an Amazon Gift Card when called for. However, it may not be possible for us to send Amazon Gift Cards from the United States to some countries. In that event, an Ebook will be sent in lieu of the Amazon Gift Card.

About Images and Videos Posted on This Blog

All liability for images and music content, whether in a post or a video submitted for Movie Theater, rests with the Author who posts the content.

Neither the Steering Committee, the Romance Gems Blog, nor other Authors of Romance Gems Blog assume any liability for what another Author posts.

Due to the high volume of Spam Comments, we have installed Comment Verification.