Monday, July 19, 2021

Can you believe it’s July! And a special below...#RomanceGems @LucindaRace

Can you believe it’s July! Like wow… the year is zooming. 

I love the beach and summer. I think it’s my favorite season but… if you read my blog posts you might discover I say that about each month. I find something wonderful each month all year long. 

But let’s talk beach. Hubs and I won’t be taking a real vacation until September when we’ll head to Cape Cod for a week. It’s not for the lack of time off but I enjoy going to the beach when kiddos are back in school and it’s not quite as hectic out there. I’ve given a passing thought to living next to the ocean but the traffic would do me in. I’ll settle for my yearly vacations. Who knows maybe next year we’ll get out there in June too or maybe even head to Maine, ah the way life should be...

Life has been hectic in our house. We had a stay-cation where we had a few dinners out and I broke down and bought a new "smart" television. What had I been waiting for? It’s been a game changer for watching the shows I love like The Crown, Virgin River and movies. I'm still figuring it out but wow, easy set up and bam there's Netflix and Prime Video. Not that I'm a huge tv watcher but when I want to watch a something I hate having to use three different remotes, yes that was a real thing. 

In book news I’ve been busy. I sent book 4, Vintage to the editor and finished my first round of edits on Bouquet which is book 5 in the Crescent Lake Winery series. In audio book news, Crush went live in early July. Blends and Breathe are being discovered by audio books fans so if audio’s your go-to check out Audible for these three titles. I’d love to know if you listen to audio books. Drop me an email and I might just have a surprise in store for a couple of lucky listeners. 

I’m also hard at work drafting a new series and adding a new book to Crescent Lake Winery which will pick up after Bouquet with some secondary characters. I’m affectionately calling this CLW 2.0 💗 . More on that in the coming months and the new series too. 

Did you see my newsletter on July 1? I have a very special sale running right now and it’s almost over. Breathe is just 0.99. Click the link and download this very special price today. Trust me when I say when it’s over, it’s over, click here for your e-book retailers .

Do you love reading paperbacks? Did you know can buy signed copies from my website. 

Just a little tidbit: they’re also at a very special price. Make sure you go to and check it out. They make awesome gifts too. 

I hope the second half of the year slows down. I’d like to enjoy summer and fall, being outside more and just relaxing. As usual there’s a lot going on behind the scenes so sign up for my newsletter for details, and don’t forget if you haven’t downloaded Breathe don’t hesitate, this very special price won’t last long. 

I love to hear from readers so feel free to drop me a line, send me pictures of you reading a Lucinda Race book or tag me on social media. If you haven’t joined my Lucinda’s Heart Racers Reader group on Facebook why wait? I’d really love to start getting to know you better. 

Until next time, 

I wish you good healthy, happiness and love. 



  1. You sound very busy! I hope you're enjoying each day, though.

  2. Such a busy summer! Great series, Lucinda! And your covers are gorgeous. :D

  3. Man! I don't know how you do it! I'm still working on finishing my third book for the year. I'll never be as prolific as some of these other dynamo Gems! My eldest and I also have enjoyed The Crown! For something on the fun side I recommend Frankie and Grace too. Hope you have a wonderful week!

  4. Lucinda, you’re so productive! Wow!

  5. Congrats on the audio books. Summer is definitely my favorite season,with lots of beach time.


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