Thursday, July 15, 2021

Beach Reads are the Best by @BonnieEdwards #RomanceGems

The whole idea of summer reading or beach reads is...comfort. We want to relax, to take it easy, to follow a story without struggling to remember who's doing what when if we have to close the book and go for a walk. Or play with our family, or swim with dolphins. We want to pick up the book and fall right back into the story.

Beach reads are, at heart, comfort reads. But then, I write romance so may be biased. I know some people like thrillers or horror, but a good vacation needs something, I don't know, kinder? Gentler?

What do you take on vacation to read? Do you settle in at a campsite and read while the rest of your group is out for a walk and you have 10 minutes to yourself? Or do you laze by a pool and while away an afternoon? Or are you too busy to read while you're touring a foreign country? There are too many ways to take a break from the day-to-day of our home lives to count.

And after the time the world has had...maybe a vacation is the last thing we want. Maybe the "break" is to get back to work in a place with other people!

To celebrate all things beachy, I've joined a group of authors at Last Chance Beach, a fictional island filled with now-familiar businesses, characters, and landmarks with my next release FAKE ME.

This book will also be available for ibooks, Kobo, Nook and more. Links will be available first through my newsletter. Subscribe here: Bonnie’s Newsy Bits

Pre-orders are now being taken for only 99c. FAKE ME will land in e-readers on August 15! 

International real estate broker Grady O’Hara, unkempt, miserable, and nursing his battered heart, is holed up in the Landseer Motel in Last Chance Beach. 

A first-class grump, Grady’s appalled that enthusiastic sprite, Farren Parks wants him to open his motel to single parents looking for love. He suspects his sister has sent Farren to lure him into a romance. Again. The last one ended in disaster.

Farren expects him to tolerate children laughing. No! Crowds of happy families? No! 

He does not want a second chance at life. Or love. Unless Farren agrees to fake date him to fake out his matchmaking sister… 

Grady soon plays handyman, painter, and business advisor to Farren’s fledgling business, Singles Fest.

The happy squeals of children in the pool doesn’t grate on his nerves as he expected. He sees parents making romantic connections that stir his heart. 

But an old flame of Farren’s has arrived and Grady wakes up to another looming loss if Farren gives her first love a second chance. The rival has brought his adorable kids to the motel. A rival who’s clearly looking for a new wife…

Join me at Last Chance Beach for this brand new romance! 


  1. I can't read on the beach, even though I bought bifocal sunglasses for that very purpose, but I love reading ABOUT the beach all year long!

  2. I need deep shade to read comfortably so i always look for trees or a big umbrella!

  3. I love beach reads. Yours sounds great. Paper books only for summer reading.

  4. I love the premise of this book! It's set up so nicely. Got my copy and can't wait for a chance to read it. Thanks, Bonnie!

    I do most of my summer reading on airplanes. Actually, I do most of my reading in general on airplanes. Unfortunately that doesn't mean that I fly a lot, but is more of an indication that I read too little. Best wishes for FAKE ME! (That title reminds me of one of my favorite line in all fifteen seasons of Supernatural. Sam and Dean are in an alternate universe when Dean sees himself enter a trailer and says something like, "Hey, that's fake me so that must be fake mine!")


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