Wednesday, July 7, 2021

For summer reading take advantage of Kindle Unlimited by Jan Scarbrough

The theme for July is Beach Read Mania. To me this not only means reading books with beach settings but reading for summer fun.

 At Sunday school yesterday, a friend came up to me to talk about books. It’s widely known in the class that I write novels. This friend said she’d joined Kindle Unlimited. She thought it was a good deal, and she said, “There are some really good books in it.” She wanted to know how to find my books. I told her to simply look for my name.

Most readers who enjoy ebooks and buy them from Amazon know about Kindle Unlimited.

Kindle Unlimited is sort of like Netflix for Amazon's digital e-books, called Kindle books. You pay a monthly subscription fee for access to the full Kindle Unlimited library where you can read and enjoy as many Kindle books as you want. That's exactly why it's called “Unlimited.”

Publishers don’t have to put their books into this program. In fact, many prefer to go “wide” and take advantage of other ebook platforms such as those on Apple or GooglePlay.

Recently, I’ve added a few of my books to Kindle Unlimited. Take a look at them during the hot, humid days of summer whether you’re at the beach or in the cool of your living room.

Ghost Mountain Ranch: The secrets of the past still haunt the living…  “Kudos to Jan Scarbrough for keeping the characters interesting and the plot twists intriguing from the first book to the last.”

Betting on Love: A romantic virgin and matchmaking aunt threaten the bachelor days of a Bluegrass chef.  

 Dawsons of Montana: Growing up on the ranch was a great life for Ben until his mother passed away, leaving his father Jim a widower. It wasn’t long, however, before Jim remarried, bringing Liz into their lives, along with her son, Brody. Soon, Jim and Liz added a new Dawson to the family when daughter Mercer was born. Jim’s untimely death changes the family's life and future.



  1. Kindle Unlimited sounds like a booklovers dream! If I didn't have 1, 532 books on my Kindle as it is, I might give it a go! (I really need to find reading time!) ;)

  2. I have a 3-months-free with my new Kindle. I'm waiting to take advantage of it during Christmas book season. :-)

  3. Thanks for the explanation. Unlimited reads sound good to me. Now to find the time to write.


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