Monday, July 12, 2021

Weddings Are So Last Month by Laura Hunsaker

 I know June is typically known for weddings, but with my own wedding anniversary coming up in a couple of weeks, I wanted to share anyway!

My husband and I were married on the hottest day of the Las Vegas. You realize that means it was like 122 that day, right? We had the craziest day! Not just the wedding, but weird little things that went wrong...

So we were young. He was underage. Someone replaced his champagne flute with a sippy cup. The flowers were delivered to the wrong place. The groomsmen...AND THE GROOM all left before the wedding. Someone had broken down and they went to the rescue. But they all had two-seater cars and were picking up a van-ful of guests. One groomsman got stuck out of town, so we had an emergency replacement. I was wild how many random things went wrong. But by the end, we had a lovely wedding, everyone was on time, the bride certainly didn't have a panic attack watching the groom leave the church before the wedding (oh wait, I really did). And they lived happily ever after.

With my characters getting married in one of my books, I decided to write a short bonus scene for my readers and while I was starting it, the first thing that popped onto my page was that the flowers had been delivered to the wrong place. Well, it looks like I will be writing my first non-fiction book ever ;) 

But seriously, all the things that happened to me, will probably make it into this short story, because wow, it really does read as if it were a Rom Com.

This will be a bonus for Kate and Kyle's wedding, and will fit after Dark Past, and Dreams of the Past, but before Dangerous Past which I'm finishing up right now.

Enjoy a small excerpt from the beginning of the story:

The weather was gorgeous. A light fog wrapped around the gazebo, sneaking its fingers in between the leaves and flowers that were woven into the slats that decorated it. One last cool foggy touch before the morning sun burned it off.

The warm, buttery yellow sunlight hitting the tall trees of the Sierra Nevadas was the most beautiful backdrop she could think of for the day she married her love. She could marry him inside an old shed, and she wouldn’t care. She just wanted to start her new life.

And after the year she had had? She deserved something nice. They all did. She wanted the day to go smoothly, not so much for herself, but for her fiance Kyle. He had risked his life for her, he knew all her secrets and skeletons in her closet, and miracle of miracles, he loved her. She wanted today to be perfect.

She glanced up at the picturesque view once more. By the looks of it, today would be perfect.

Kate took one more look before turning back inside. She trusted that her family and friends had a handle on things. She could breathe. With a deep breath, she released the stress of the day and went to join her bridesmaids. Today was going to be fine.


Nothing was fine.

The flowers had been delivered to the wrong location. How on earth had the flowers been delivered to the wrong place? The town had 2,000 people on a good day, so how had they been delivered to the wrong location?

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  1. I looooved the excerpt! And I can't believe all the hiccups you had at your wedding! Gosh, I would've been crying for sure if I saw my groom leave, so I sympathize with your panic attack!

    1. The air conditioning went out, the DJ was terrible...there's so much more lol And thanks! :)

  2. What a wedding day! But as I always say: if the vows are spoken then that’s the whole thing done. An underage groom, though? That’s young! LOL

    1. He was 19 :) I forgot the drinking age in Canada is 18!

  3. So glad you made it through all the small hiccups at your wedding! The fact you're still together speaks loudly for the most important thing - your love!

  4. Glad it all worked out in the end.

    1. We got married and that's the important part...and if the DJ tried to steal food, well, it's all part of the charm of my wedding lol

  5. In the end it's kind of the quirks of the wedding that make it stand out. If everything went off as planned it could be almost forgettable. And I kind of doubt that any wedding goes off without some sort of glitch. I'm saying this as my eldest's wedding is looming in August. It's important to keep your sense of humor and keep things in perspective. Thanks for sharing your stories, Laura!

    1. I will say my sister and I still make fun of the awful DJ all the time, and it's been almost 20 years lol


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