Sunday, October 11, 2020

HOLIDAY ROMANCE By Kathleen Lawless @kathleenlawless

 Here in Canada, tomorrow is Thanksgiving, which means this is a long weekend for a lot of workers. For a change, there will be no family dinner of 20+ at my sister’s house; I think she will have 5 around her table this Covid year.  For the first time ever, one of my grown sons is hosting Steel and I.  He lives on a small island, so his siblings and I, with our partners, will take a ferry and overnight bags.

 My offers to make pies or buy the turkey have been politely but firmly declined. He wants to do this all on his own, and I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend with my favorite people and lots of time outdoors hiking and exploring the island.

 My own books each have a timeline, so if an important holiday takes place I make sure my characters are somehow involved in the festivities of the season.  When the book is historical, this takes a fun detour into researching yesteryear.  Did they always carve pumpkins at Halloween?  When did the general populace start eating turkey for the holiday?

Do you enjoy it when romance characters celebrate a birthday or national holiday? Or does it pull you from the story?

 Speaking of holiday festivities, I am one of ten authors in a Christmas anthology of romance novellas set in a small New England town.  HOLLY’S WISH is my first Christmas story and I seriously doubt it will be the last, although it was hard to think about sleigh rides and snowball fights in the August heat. 

Like my heroine, Holly, I received a hard cover copy of The Story of Holly and Ivy one Christmas when I was young.  That book got passed through the family, first to my siblings, then to my own children, where we read it aloud as a family every Christmas, and often still do.

Everyone in the family now has their own copy of this timeless classic about a little girl, a Christmas doll, and the power of wishing.  Our favorite part was always the characters getting poked by either a piece of holly, a price tag, or a safety pin, when they were about to make the wrong choice. As in HOLLY'S WISH, sometimes characters just need a little help to figure things out. 

 You can preorder CHRISTMAS COMES TO DICKENS for only 99 cents here  

IT'S A DICKENS OF A COOKIE, a free book of cookie recipes is the authors' early gift to you and available now.

I read somewhere that Tuesday is a good day to launch a new release, although I seriously wonder if the day of the week makes any difference.  If you’re eagerly awaiting an author’s new book, do you really care what day it comes out?  I know I don’t. 

UNDONE  is the final book in my very steamy Secret Seductions series.  It’s about three girlfriends on a wild week away and the shenanigans they get up to when one of them dreams up an X-Rated Scavenger Hunt.

“…a fun and Entertaining romp…the sexcapades of Kennedy, Justine and Lisa could have been picked from an Episode of Sex in the City. . .” ~  A Romance review.

 If you were a fan of Sex and the City, you should love it.  If you prefer your romances squeaky clean, I would advise you to give this one a big miss.  Here’s the PG-rated blurb.

 An X-rated scavenger hunt!

It’s Kennedy’s solution to cheer up her two best friends and spice up their lives on a badly-needed girls’ getaway.

 Lisa is getting over a cheating husband.

 Justine recently broke up with her married lover.

 While Kennedy is just love ’em and leave ’em Kennedy, in her element on a beach paradise surrounded by wealthy, eligible, and smokingly-single men.    

 The first one to complete the sexcapades list is the winner. 

 Which of them will take home the ultimate prize?  Who will lose her heart?

Speaking of Holidays, if you missed Last Chance Beach, you can still order your copy before it goes away forever.

Stay healthy and safe, and stay in touch.

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  1. I love when we see couples or families during special occasions in books!!

  2. Wow, Kathleen, you've been so busy writing! And enjoy Thanksgiving. We're having our dinner today with 2 of our grandsons. The younger won't eat anything but chicken fingers at the moment. Hoping that changes soon! Congrats on all your releases. There's something warm and cheery about writing Christmas romance. Sometimes, I wrap myself in the jolly!

  3. Writing the Christmas story was more fun than I expected. Have a lovely Thanksgiving with the littles.

  4. Yup, nothing better than a holiday celebration in a book to add to the conflict of a romance.

  5. Especially if there is family conflict, right?

  6. Happy holiday weekend. The family gathering sounds lovely!

  7. Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. Undone will definitely be on my must read list.

  8. Belated Happy Thanksgiving, Kathleen. I'm looking forward to the Christmas Collection.


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