Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Weathering a Home Invasion by Judith Hudson

AKA - Welcoming Summer Guests

A lot of things have happened in and around my workshop this year that have put my writing behind schedule - workmen installing gas lines in my ceiling and jack-hammering old pavement right outside my window - but none have been quite as disruptive as having two boys, age three and five, sleeping right in my office.

I also have the baby and their parents in the next room. They are all great, lots of fun, only here for a week, but although I have not been going on the day trips with them, I am exhausted when they leave and can’t jump into my work in progress (WIP) on a dime. Could I ever? I don’t remember, but I know I spaced my own children out for a reason.

 It’s lovely to see them with my 95-year-old mother, though. (I may have mentioned her before. She’s kind of a recurring theme in my life these days.) The little ones are her great-great-grandchildren and she’s really enjoying them – for short visits. I’m happy to be able to host these events, but I’ll be glad to get back to my WIP, The Lodge trilogy.

Just to remind you - and myself! – what it's about, here’s a blurb of book one:

Holly Chance arrives in remote Riverton WA to discover she has inherit an old hunting lodge from her estranged grandfather. It’s a place where, in the 1960’s, musicians and movie stars came to kick back, do some fishing and jamming and, well, you can imagine.
The catch is she shares the inheritance with two other women – half-sisters she knew nothing about, the legacy of a father she barely remembers.
Can the women, total strangers, work together to rebuild the derelict building? And to what lengths will their local cousins go to reclaim an
inheritance they feel is rightful theirs?

You can catch my monthly posts right here to see how the series develops. I can’t wait to get back to work!
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  1. Loved seeing your office and the gks. How cute are they?? Love the name of your free book. A Cabin by the Lake. Who could resist that one?

    1. Strangely, as life imitates art, I now live in my "cabin by the lake" and count myself lucky every day.Thanks for commenting.

  2. My father-in-law's here for a week. He's a sweet man, no trouble, and yet... I enjoyed the post and your pictures!

    1. So true. As my only long term guests this summer I decided to sit back and enjoy them. However - I was still in my office everyday when they went on day trips!

  3. I've been watching my five year old grandson quite a bit this summer to help my daughter out. Yep, no writing done when he's around!

    1. I don't have grandkids yet so I just try to enjoy my sister's when they visit, which isn't often.

  4. How sweet?!! I LOVE your pics! Although I bet it is disruptive with all the additional action. (We've been renovating our home since November, putting EVERYTHING else on hold, so I totally get it) On the flip side, you're making priceless memories. Funny how the universe has other plans for us sometimes. :)

    1. And since my wrting tagline is "Friendship, family and HEA" I think it's all grist for the mill. Even the reno since there is bound to be lots of that in the new books.

  5. Funny how when all we do is write, we long to have a life, and when life gets too full we long for quiet space to write. That fine balancing act. I think summer brings more distractions than the other seasons, outside of maybe Christmas.

  6. Oh, how I can relate to this post! My mom is an international school teacher. Every summer and holiday break she comes and stays with my husband and I - sometimes for up to eight weeks!

  7. I can't wait for grandkids. My daughter will be a freshman in college. I am looking forward to the next phase of visiting children and weddings and babies. But, if none of that happens, I'll be all right. God has a plan, right? And it's better than mine. Your book sounds great. Happy writing!


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