Monday, March 16, 2020

Lucky In Love? @ConstanceBretes #RomanceGems

I was a late bloomer when it came to finding love and my happy ever after. I was 40 years old when I got married, then shortly after that I went into menopause so no children for me.

I met my husband through a Christian single magazine. This was before we had internet. Each month I get the magazine and I would read the ads and write. I knew I was a plain Jane, but. surely, there was someone out therefor me. I wrote to this guy who was divorce and loved antique shopping. I was not sure about the antique shopping, but he sounded really nice. The only problem was that he was from Jackson. Where the notorious Jackson State Prison was. When I agreed to meet him, I told a co-worker, if I don't show up tomorrow, call the cops.

So, we met, had a nice dinner, then went to Builder's Square. as we walked around Builder's Square, I remember thinking to myself, is he odd?.Some of the things he picked out seemed weird to me. After we left, I pulled by car around the parking lot and went into a culvert then popped out again. Not only was I embarrass, but I hoped that he didn’t see me. I was really lucky that I didn’t damage my car. It took me a couple of years to tell him about that. LOL

After the date, we talked about once a week on the telephone. In March, we finally agreed to go out on weekends and the weather as perfect. The temp every Saturday in March was 45 degrees or warmer and sunshine. We went antique shopping, and I must confess, I started to really enjoy looking at antiques. I found an antique doll cradle to use for my cabbage patch dolls.

From there, it was going to art shows every weekend. You see, the guy I was dating was also an artist, and his work was displayed at various art shows where we would spend the weekend together doing the shows. By the end of summer, I knew it was love, but did he? I was so insecure and self conscious because I was also a person with a disability. I wore hearing aids and had a severe hearing loss. I was afraid he would not n interested in someone where he might have to be the ears at night when we were in bed. But my fears were unfounded, and he was in love with me as I was with him.

We were married in April 1995. In that month, the only sunshine and warm temperature was on our wedding day. So, lucky in love? I don’t know if it was luck. But more like God's hand. Either way, we’re still married, and this past few months I have come to realized what it means “for sickness
and in health.” As my husband took care of me the past few months when my health took a nosedive.

For this month, my book, Elkhorn in the Moonlight is on sale for 99 cents.

The search for stolen Sacred Arrows leads to much more.

Marcus Blackhawk is on a mission to locate the Sacred Arrows that were stolen from the Cheyenne Nation.When he learns that someone has seen the arrows he leaves immediately to track the person down and get more information.

Nicole Lancaster ekes out a living in a small town by helping her brother 
 run a motel and working part-time in a restaurant. Her mundane life suddenly becomes more exciting when Marcus arrives in town asking about some arrows that she came upon years ago while hiking in the Elkhorn Mountains. The gorgeous man makes her heart beat fast, but she knows he'd never be interested in a Plain Jane like herself.

When Marcus offers Nicole a large sum of cash to lead him to the cave where she saw the arrows, she takes him up on the offer. After a three-day hiking trip through the mountains they locate the cave, but then the unthinkable happens, and they find themselves trapped inside. As they wait, hopeful they'll be rescued, they give into the passion that's been simmering between them.

Will help arrive in time to save them? And if so, can their night of passion ever be anything more? Marcus has no interest in an actual relationship, and Nicole wants the whole nine yards.

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  1. I loved your story. What a true romance. Was there a moment when it struck you he wasn't an odd person but a keeper?

  2. Beautiful story!! You are indeed lucky in love!!

  3. I'm so glad you found love! What a wonderful story. My husband and I both love antiques. Your book sounds great!

  4. What a wonderful, romantic story. I hope your health is on the upswing now.

  5. Wonderful, inspiring story, Connie. I'm glad you found one another.

  6. What a lovely story! I hope your health issues are behind you now.

  7. Love is a wonderful thing. Glad you found someone special to spend your life with.

  8. What a great love story! Thank you for sharing it.

  9. Connie, what a lovely true story! And I enjoyed Elkhorn in the Moonlight!

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  11. Awesome story!
    Happy St Patricks day!
    Be safe everyone :)

  12. That is such a sweet story! You do seem to be lucky in love. :)

  13. What a sweet love story, Connie! Lucky in love indeed.


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