Friday, March 13, 2020

Friday the 13th—the SpooOoky Date is Anything but Unlucky—Especially for Love by Connie Vines

You know the deal: Friday the 13th is a ghoulish and distressing day that will bring bad luck our way. 

Stop screaming-- the opposite is true.

 Contrary to superstitions, the number 13 is actually an essential number for life. The Moon (the intimate feminine planet in astrology) has 13 orbits in a year, the average woman menstruates 13 times a year (at the most), and 13 is the number of the Great Goddesses (of past and current cultures).

Friday itself is known as Venus’s day—a moment of relaxation and embracing sexual desires. In numerology, the number 13 is a master number that helps us manifest our desires.

In other words: It’s fine. You’re gonna be fine!
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This Friday the 13th is actually positive for romance and dating. It’s a fruitful day to connect with others and to embrace passions. The Grand Water Trine among the Moon, Mars, and Neptune will create a tender and seductive vibe—one we will all not want to miss out on. It’s a fabulous time to schedule a date to form a solid connection. Expect to talk all night and hold on to your date’s every word (and vice versa too).

Venus and Pluto link up on the 12th, and while some may say this conjunction can make for extra-intense emotions (when these two planets collide, sparks—the good kind—fly. Expect a deep commitment to form on Friday the 13th…or luck on a first date or a fun romantic interlude with our one and only).

Don’t fear Friday the 13th! It’s actually lucky!

As always, I love to add an easy to prepare meal for my readers to enjoy.

Line your sheet pan(s) with parchment paper, pre-heat your oven to 375 degrees.

Gather your fresh veggies: wash and toss in olive oil.

Pan 1: Fingerling potatoes, cut length-wise, peeled and chopped parsnip, broccoli, mini-carrots, cook for 20-30 minutes.

Pan 2:  Fresh green beans, 4 eggs in shells.  I begin this pan about 10 minutes later since cooking time is more difficult to gauge. When the eggs are a soft hard-boiled state, place in a bowl of ice water to stop cooking process.

(If you have veggies in the fridge looking a little past their prime, chop them up and adjust the cooking time.)

If I’m dining alone, I arrange the butter lettuce on a single dinner plate; dining with others, a decorative platter makes a colorful and appetizing display.

Top with: roasted veggies, heirloom tomatoes, olives, smoked or canned (wild-caught) salmon or tuna.  I prepare a mustard/mayo/champagne vinegar dressing and drizzle on top.  (you’ll notice I took the photo before adding the olives.)

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  1. We had a grand born on Friday 13th under a full moon (very rare). I keep waiting for signs of super powers but so far none. LOL! Just 100% sweetness.

  2. Thanks for the good points of the 13th! And the good things to do with veggies. Always struggle with that. Great post.

  3. What a pretty meal! I love veggies but, like a few other things, tend to want others to prepare them for me. Doesn't stop me from eating them straight from the crisper drawer, but still...

  4. My husband and I had our first date on a Friday the 13th and we've been married almost 33 years. I think it's been pretty lucky for us!

  5. My birthday is the 13th, so I always consider Friday the 13th lucky. Love the post. You bake eggs in their shells?

  6. Learn something new every day! I did not know that about Friday the 13th. Recipe sounds really good! I like chunk chopping sweet potatoes and red potatoes, tossing in olive oil and some Italian spices. spreading on a cooking sheet, and roasting in the oven. Love Gothics, too!

  7. Our eldest daughter was born on the 13th and it's been lucky for us since then. I'm grateful to learn I'm not the only one to find this a lucky number. Love this post, Connie!

  8. Great recipe! I do believe in the power of Friday, the 13th. Didn't know it's lucky for lovers! That's cool!

  9. I am not superstitious . Touch wood!!

  10. Thank you for sharing the recipes.

  11. I too have embraced the convenience of "sheet pan" dinners. Thanks for the easy dinner recipe.


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