Sunday, November 29, 2020

A Feast to Remember

 by Nora LeDuc

Heater-Pic taken ahead of time

Thanksgiving is over, and it's been another unusual event for 2020. Because of the pandemic, my daughter had suggested we hold our 2020 festivity on her deck. Although I wanted to have a family dinner, eating in the chilly forty degree weather wasn't appealing. Not to be deterred, my daughter had ordered an outside heater. All right, problem solved. Her enthusiasm vanished when she and her husband assembled the mini furnace and found you had to sit on top of it to stay warm. This kind of destroyed the whole social distancing idea. 

Next up was my son. He and his wife had announced they'd skip a group turkey meal this year. I guess he wasn't excited about watching us cut and chew online either. I was just as glad. The day would be carefree, no rush or worrying about which dish would burn. But wasn't that similar to the daily grind? Truthfully, I'd miss getting up earlier, checking if the bird had completely defrosted--it never was, struggling to get the heavy roaster in the oven-OK, my husband usually managed that task, not forgetting the stuffing—all those things I promised not to repeat—but usually did. Another idea sprang to mind. I contacted my brother. He always joined us on this holiday and brought his Christmas gifts with him. A true early shopper. Now I told him if he delivered his presents on Nov 26, I'd give him plates to go. I texted my daughter and suggested I'd still do the meal and deliver their food too. She could put in their orders. I was sure my hubby would love to bring them over. (Son thanked me but opted out on the offer since it was a long trip to his home.) And so our day went. I cooked a 21 pound turkey-not completely defrosted. I  burned the rolls, and I made up take out boxes.  


Now we can't wait for our thankful holiday next year, Those celebrations will be twice as sweet. We'll raise our glasses in a toast to happiness, health, and to 2021, the year of togetherness.

And speaking of the holidays, a big thanks to all who have bought my book CHRISTMAS at the EASY BREEZY. It's not too late to buy it for only .99 and enjoy the heroine and hero discovering the true meaning of love, family and second chances at the Easy Breezy Diner. And there are many other terrific Christmas stories out there by my fellow Romance Gems. Just check their Christmas Comes to Dickens boxset.

Happy Holidays, My Friends.
We're almost there, 2021 and the
Path to Wellness. 



  1. Sounds like a fun celebration--in all its parts!

  2. Thanks, Liz, it kept us busy and made it feel more normal. Though change is often good at least for a day.

  3. Connecting with your family is the important thing. Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. I'm glad you were able to do some celebrating!

  5. Thanks, Kara, I read about yours and it was impressive.

  6. Ah, yes. The Year of the Thanksgiving Compromise. I thought I'd be off-duty, but Larry wanted his turkey and dressing and pies! Happy Compromise, Nora.

  7. Way to make the most of the situation in 2020.


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