Thursday, November 26, 2020

Coffee and Conversation with the #RomanceGems

It's time for Coffee and Conversation with the Romance Gems! So, grab a cup of your favorite beverage and join us for some fun. This month's topic is: The Holidays!

Ahh…Thanksgiving in the USA. No denying, we’re in the thick of the holiday season now! 2020 certainly poses challenges and will be one for the history books. But in talking with folks, I realize every holiday season sparks a myriad of thoughts, emotions, and memories. For some it’s a chance to reflect and count blessings. For others, the holidays bring back childhood memories and good times. Some bask in joy while others just shrug it all off. And this can change from year to year as life does.

So, as this 2020 holiday season officially kicks off, tell me what you’re thinking, what you’re planning, what you’re remembering. Share a funny story, a cooking fiasco, a tradition. Or paint a picture in our minds of days gone by. Let’s talk!

“Two years ago, my husband and I were on the beginning of a six month RV trip. We’d planned Thanksgiving with Pennsylvania cousins, but a foot of snow made us head south early, to Asheville, NC. Since we had no family to celebrate with, we booked a tour of the Biltmore mansion and had dinner in the nearby village. The mansion was completely decked out for Christmas already and was well worth the hefty fee to get in. The buildings and grounds are definitely something to see and the history of the place makes it all the more interesting.” ~ Kari Lemor

Kari Lemor's Thanksgiving trip to the Biltmore

“You know how little boys are. They are curious — especially if your grandfather gets a new cigarette lighter for Christmas. One Christmas when I was about four, one boy cousin caught the curtains on fire by the tree. The grownups were watching TV in another room. I screamed. My father and uncles rushed into the living room and put out the fire. I saved the day, and boy cousin was sent to bed. This is a picture of my sweet girl cousin and me about that time.” ~ Jan Scarbrough

Jan Scarbrough's Christmas with cousins

“I'm a holiday junkie. I admit it. My two favorite holidays are Halloween and Christmas. One thing I enjoy most about Christmas is spending time with my grandchildren. I was an only child but I was blessed with dozens of cousins, so I grew up on big family gatherings. I love passing down stories of Christmases past when sharing the holiday with my much smaller family now. The picture is from Christmas 1960. I'm the tall one in the back shoving a cookie into my mouth.” ~ Nancy Fraser

Nancy Fraser's Christmas with cousins

“I have discovered that one of my roles in life is to be an Anticipator. That is to say, I always have many plans for the holidays and being productive all through them, but it never happens. This used to disappoint me, both in myself and in the piddly results of my plans, but the truth is I enjoy the anticipation. I like looking at holiday fabric, choosing decorations, deciding which cookies I might never make, and considering hand-made gifts. If I never leave my desk, that's okay, too. Merry Christmas and Happy Anticipating!” ~ Liz Flaherty

Liz Flaherty - Anticipating all she'll do

“Back in the day when I was a flight attendant, there were many holidays I missed. It was the nature of the business, and you learned to roll with it. One of the most memorable was a Christmas Eve spent in Rome. I was a newlywed with a not too happy husband at home. The crew made the best of it. We did a bit of retail therapy, had dinner at a fancy restaurant and ended the evening with midnight mass at the Vatican. Next day I went home to a Charlie Brown tree.” ~ Marcia King-Gamble

Marcia King-Gamble's Christmas in Rome

“So many memories, it’s hard to choose just one. Yet each November I remember a special Thanksgiving.

My father traveled often for work, so when the holiday rolled around, and he was home, I hoarded his time. We watched the Macy’s parade together, eating cinnamon rolls in the blanket fort we built with the dining room chairs. Then Mom told us to take the dog for “a nice long walk” so she could cook in peace. My big sister and brother were in the mix, and too many hungry spectators were clogging up her kitchen. LOL

It was a perfect day—cold and sunny—and Dad and I (and our Dachshund) enjoyed a long walk in the woods. A moment in time I still cherish.” ~ Kathryn Hills

Kathryn Hills - A Thanksgiving walk with Dad

“My kids don’t love turkey. So one thanksgiving I got the brilliant idea to make a lasagna instead of a turkey for Thanksgiving. It did not go over well. Not only did everyone get upset, but I bought the noodles that need to be boiled first, and I did not in fact boil them. It was a crunchy lasagna that tasted of disappointment. It’s something we can all laugh about now.” ~ Laura Hunsaker


Okay, it's your turn to join the conversation! Add your comments below or send via email through the "contact us” link on the bottom of the left sidebar. You can also make suggestions on what you'd like to discuss here in the future.

Thanks for joining us. Happy Thanksgiving, EVERYONE!

~ The Romance Gems ~


  1. We toured Biltmore one Thanksgiving when our family gathered in Asheville. What a spectacular memory that is! I loved reading all these, especially the crunchy lasagna noodles! Lol. Happy Thanksgiving, Gems!

  2. Nancy, I didn't know you were an only child. Me too!

  3. Such fun memories from everyone. Jan the fire story is priceless.

  4. Thanks so much, ladies, for sharing these. I loved each one. All of us have been lucky to have loved ones with which to share holiday with, even the newlywed Marcia had to have felt loved on that holiday in Rome. Wow! Midnight Mass at the Vatican. What a great memory. Our family (grown kids with their dad and me) had a Christmas morning Mass at Notre Dame in Paris five years ago. A great memory.

  5. Loved the memories. Thanks for sharing. We've been lucky and had the kids and now grandkids for most holidays. This year was the exception. Happy Thanksgiving to all.


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