Friday, November 13, 2020

Holiday Countdown and Romance is in the Air by Connie Vines

 Is anyone doing the 'holiday countdown'?  

I'm in the habit of allowing every celebration/holiday it's due. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and then Christmas. No holiday blends into the next. I do not shop on Thanksgiving Day, or the mid-night Black Friday Sale. The Christmas tree never appears until the second week of December.

This year, I've tossed the rules out the windows.  

A local FM radio station and a music channel on cable  began playing Christmas music the 1st week in November. I'm listening. I have Christmas candy displayed in my candy dishes and in my Bell jars in the cupboards.  I even purchased a package of Hershey's kisses that are called: Sugar Cookie. White chocolate with colorful sprinkles. They do taste exactly like a sugar cookies, too. 

I scroll though the cable stations on a daily basis, searching for the Yule Log. You know, the fireplace with roaring fire image that fills your television screen, while the chamber music soothes your nerves via your sound-bar. Or the version with the puppies jumping around wearing Santa suites, with the bouncy music that quickly gets on your nerves. 

The fragrance of spices, cookies, hot cocoa fill the home with comfortable and familiar memories.

2020 has been challenging for everyone.  

Perhaps this is why I'm rushing into Christmas this year.

I love 'warm and cuddly' romance novels during the holidays? 

Romance novels with Cowboys, Kisses, Families, and old-fashioned values.

Stories where little girls, and little boys, have a special request for Santa. And there is always, always a happy-ending.

The holidays are a magical time, a time filled with memories and hope for a better future.

Classic holiday music, classic movies, family recipes and classic romantic stories.

What 'new' traditions are you planning for your holiday this year?

If you are looking for a cowboy romance. . . As luck will have it, Lynx (Rodeo Romance Book 1) is specially priced at $1.49 for Kindle!

Brede (Rodeo Romance Book 2) is available at your favorite book retailer: htpts://

Wishing all of my readers a holiday season filled with blessings and joy.

And Warm Wishes and Gingerbread Kisses for 2021!

Connie Vines



  1. A good year for changing things up, isn't it? I enjoy holiday stories, too, and this year they're more needed than ever.

  2. I'm with you in that I never decorated for Christmas until at least the first or second week of December. But this year I just might start a little early.

  3. Yup, put the Christmas music on early and absorbing the spirit. Decorating should help. Still have that to do. And of course, Great Christmas stories to cheer and warm our hearts. Thanks for more ways to beat covid-claustrophobia. I can always use them.

  4. We’ve never needed the cozy warmth of the holiday spirit more than now. I’m in for more baking! I’m reading and writing more Christmas stories than ever. Lovely post Constance. I look forward to reading Brede.

  5. I'm all for doing as much as we can to jumpstart the new year. Why not get festive and in the holiday spirit a wee bit early? Perhaps I should take a pine needle out of your book. Falalala and a shot of eggnog coming.

  6. Anything and everything that brings my family JOY! Bring on the HAPPY! Best wishes to you and yours, Connie. 😁

  7. Connie, I'm ready for Christmas. Usually I want to have the tree up the day after Thanksgiving. This year, I'm ready to put it up NOW! We've had a hard year and I'm grateful for books to bring cheer. Best wishes.

  8. We always have a party when we decorate the house, and this year my daughter will be old enough to bring her own appetizers! I'm excited to see what she does!

  9. I have no idea what the holidays will be like this year. With reports of COVID exploding again, our plans are up in the air. It may be a Zoom Thanksgiving and Christmas, but we'll all try to enjoy the time.


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