Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Daffodils - The Delight of Spring by May Williams


April showers do bring May flowers, but I have plenty of blossoms in my northern garden already. I must confess to having a love affair with daffodils. I have early, mid, and late blooming ones plus mini and full size, yellow and white.🌼 My crocuses and snowdrops break through the wintry landscape first, but it’s the daffodils that win my heart every year with their happy flowers that sway in the breeze. Winter’s wickedness played an April Fool’s Day joke this year and sent a coating of snow, but the sunshine soon melted the snow and restored the daffodils to their brilliance.🌞

When we dug up a flower bed last summer, I salvaged the daffodil bulbs by putting them in the legs of a pair of pantyhose and storing them in a dry place until fall when I replanted them. They have graciously come up this spring. I’m delighted to see them since to me daffodils are always the promise of sunshine and better weather ahead.πŸ’›

My love for daffodils inspired the cover for one of my contemporary romances—Swayed by You. The other two books in the series have pretty yellow flowers on the covers, too, but I must confess it’s the daffodils that I can’t resist. In the spirit of the season, Swayed by You is on sale for $.99 on Amazon, and it’s available free to users of Kindle Unlimited.

Swayed by You by May Williams

When ex-army photographer Ian Kroft embarks on a mission to broker a real estate deal, he never pictured he’d fall for Colette Peterson, the property’s owner. She’s smart, beautiful, and dedicated to preserving her family’s land where she runs an animal shelter. The young veterinarian learned the hard way not to trust love, but there’s something about Ian that has Colette believing every word he says. Soon, Ian is torn between his love for Colette and his ambitions. Will he continue with his original plans or is he swayed by his love for her?

On sale for $.99 now at Amazon and free for 
users of Kindle Unlimited.


Finally, I'm celebrating my 50th Birthday today. I love being an April birthday girl even when it rains on my big day. This year Mother Nature is smiling on me with sunshine and plenty of Daffodils. 

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  1. Spring flowers are the best! Beautiful post that makes me want to go outside and get gardening!

  2. So I realize that cover actually has yellow tulips on it. I figure the thoughts the same. Happy Spring flowers!

  3. DH picks me daffodils every spring ... ppl dump bulbs in the woods in their garden waste and they pop up like little wildlings in the woods. I love them too and since we have so many urban deer no one can plant tulips so Daffodils are especially appreciated.

  4. Daffodils are beautiful and are always a sign of spring and renewal to me! Your book sounds great!! May have to skip over to Amazon to grab it. Good luck!

  5. Daffodils always make me feel happy. When I lived up North it was a sure sign of spring and held such promise. I think the yellow color does it for me. I am one of a few people who can wear that color well. For me it represents happiness.

  6. Happy, happy birthday to you, May! I hope you have a fabulous day!

    I don't have any daffodils, but my early spring yellow comes in the form of a Forsythia bush. It does make me happy! And this year I have some yellow flowers in a planter on my front porch. They really set off my St. Louis Blues hockey flag!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us! I got my copy of SWAYED BY YOU and can't wait to read it!

  7. Happy birthday, May. Daffodils and tulips are only a few of my favorites. The daffs have been up for a while but the tulips are just starting to show their true colors.

  8. Happy Birthday, May, and welcome to Romance Gems. We're so pleased to have you join our Romance Gems family. Btw, I love daffodils too—actually just about any blooming plant catches my fancy.

  9. Welcome, May! Daffodils are my favorite flower! They're just so happy and cheerful! They don't grow here, so it's just fantastic to see them growing so well for you!

  10. Happy birthday, May, and welcome to the Romance Gems! We're so glad to have you! I love daffodils too, and we have some pretty white and yellow ones right now. Living in the north woods, most things get gobbled up by the creatures. Someone told me I need cages for my bulbs...Oh boy...hahahaha

  11. Welcome May! You have a great name. It brings up visions of spring flowers. Daffs are one of my favorites. I put in more each year. Some day when I'm gone they'll still be here. I hope. Pretty cover.

  12. Happy Birthday, May! I agree that daffodils brighten the landscape. When we lived in a rural area, I once planted 200 daffodil bulbs. The next spring, only a few appeared. My ditzy neighbor said, "Oh, I forgot to tell you about the voles here. You have to plant moth balls with the bulbs to keep them from being eaten." ??? I'm afraid I never worked up that much energy again but I do love the flowers. Now that I live in town, I can plant them with more assurance of seeing them bloom.

  13. Happy birthday, May! I agree about the daffodils. I'm not a fan of cold weather and there are daffodils springing up all over my condo development, which makes me very happy because it means warm weather is coming.


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