Thursday, April 1, 2021

April Showers by @JoanReeves #RomanceGems

Better grab those umbrellas and get ready for April Showers, that's our theme this month.

Remember the old joke from childhood?

If April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring?


Hey, when I was a tiny tot, I thought that was hysterically funny.

Okay, okay. I suppose we've all grown a more sophisticated sense of humor in the ensuing years. 

Giveaway Alert

To welcome M. J. Schiller, our newly-minted Romance Gems author, I'll give away 1 ebook copy of her book, To Hell in a Coach Bag

I picked that title because it tickles my fancy. 

To enter the Giveaway, leave a comment in answer to the question I'll pose at the end of this post, along with your email addy written out, not as a hot link.

Comments can be entered between now and Friday, April 2, so tell your friends. I'll select the winner using Random Name Picker over the weekend.

Winner will be notified no later than Monday, April 5.

April Spotlight Shines on Cheryl Bolen

Cheryl and I have known each other over 30 years. I'm pleased to shine the April Spotlight on her.

Be sure and visit Author Spotlight and read about Cheryl's career, some personal info, and see the gorgeous covers for her two new releases.

Updates on the Blog

The Bookstore is open with all authors who participated represented. Just click on the author who interests you and you'll be taken to where all of her books can be found.

You'll find a lot of new videos in the Movie Theater, and there are new quotes and graphics scattered around the blog for your amusement. 

Scroll arouond and see if something makes you smile.

I just finished April Fool Proposition, another story in my A Moment in Time series. It is 99¢ New Release price, and it publishes April 4. This started out as a short story and ended up as a 30,000 word short novel. I just couldn't let go of the characters! I lost some days I should have been writing on the next book. I'll complain more about that at a later date. *LOL*

Coming Soon: Last Chance Beach Romance

That next book I should already be writing is to be the first book in Last Chance Beach Romance, a series of full-length novels united by the setting of Last Chance Beach.

If you're a longtime reader of this blog, you will remember Last Chance Beach was the island paradise I created last year for a box set of short stories.

Actually, I came up with the premise and an overview of Last Chance Beach and wrote The Legend of Last Chance Beach, about how the island paradise received its name. I then turned my baby over to the wonderfully creative authors in the box set who helped it grow to toddler-age.

What we all created ended up being a place we loved—and readers loved it too as was mentioned in nearly 50 5-star reviews. A second box set didn't seem in the cards so Nancy and I took the island and came up with a different idea for using it. You'll learn more about that in the coming weeks. My book cover is partially revealed above.

Amazon Kindle 99¢ 
Giveaway Question to Answer

The post opened with umbrellas so, of course, this question is about rain. Actually, I'm going to give you 2 questions.

When my daughter was little, she loved to walk in the rain so I outfitted her with a little raincoat, rain boots, and her own little pink umbrella. 

If the rain was gentle with no thunder and lightning, we'd walk in the rain.

Now that's she's grown, she buys her own raincoat, fashionable rain boots, and matching umbrella. She still likes the rain.

Q1: Do you own a raincoat and rain boots?

Q2: Do you like walking in the rain?

 Leave your answer and your email in comments. I can't wait to see what everyone has to say. This Giveaway is open to RG authors too if you wish to reply to win.
Like They Say in Hollywood, "That's a wrap." 

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  1. I don't much like walking in the rain anymore unless there's no wind and it's warm enough to be comfortable but too cool to sweat in my raincoat. :-) I haven't had rain boots since elementary school, but I am quite an expert at leaving umbrellas virtually everywhere I take one. Good luck to the giveaway entrants!

    1. We have so many umbrellas that I had a pretty ceramic umbrella stand once upon a time which was decorated with folded umbrellas standing upright. It was broken when we moved. I tried to glue it back together but it was a lost cause.

  2. I live on the rainy west coast so rain hikes are common...but not in rain boots. I’m excited for the new stories coming to Last Chance Beach...I’ve started to work on mine!

    1. We all have rain boots. Now I call them Wellies since I discovered Monty Don. It seems as if all English gardeners wear Wellies.

  3. I kind of agree with Liz in believing it has to be the ideal weather for such a thing. (I'm a wimp.) And I am also one to leave an umbrella here and there. (It's probably because our minds are always half creating stories and not paying attention to the here and now.) I do own a bright yellow pair of rainboots my girlfriend gave me last year for my birthday. (She's very pro-rainboot!). I love them for going out to fill my birdfeeders in muddy weather.

    What a delightful surprise that you are giving away an e-copy of TO HELL IN A COACH BAG! Thank you! There's a story behind that title. I'll share it sometime.

    Loved the story about your daughter! Have a nice day, all!

    1. Thanks. My daughter is quite a character. I can't wait to hear the story behind TO HELL IN A COACH BAG.

  4. We always said Mayflowers brought Pilgrims. It took me a few minutes to understand why they were bringing furniture.
    I'm so excited to get the Last Chance Beach World underway!! Looking forward to your book!

    1. *lol* Yes, the ferry drawing near to Last Chance Beach!

  5. Unfortunately, no one left an email address with her comment so there is no winner for the Giveaway this time.


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