Sunday, April 18, 2021

Showered With Love @karilemor #RomanceGems

As I mentioned before, my oldest daughter is expecting baby #3 in a few weeks. It’s very exciting because her first two are boys and this one is a little girl. I get to buy frilly ribbons and things with bows again. Although maybe not. Both of my girls were never the girly-girl types.  They’d wear dresses if they had to and cleaned up well enough, but typically they were casual gals, with ponytails and no make-up.

They still are.

But with the advent of this new baby, one of her friends decided she needed a baby shower for girl stuff. It got me thinking of where the term baby shower came from. Showering the new mother with gifts.

But can we shower people with other things? Of course, we can!  I’m still in Florida but have a plane ticket heading back to New England in early May. Hopefully, my new little girl will hold off long enough for me to return. As much as I’m dying to cuddle this new granddaughter in my arms, I think it will be more likely I’ll be taking the boys out and letting them run around while their mom takes care of our new little flower. 

I’m totally okay with this. I love and miss the boys when I’m in Florida, though we video chat at least twice a week catching up on all that’s happening with them. They live in a neighborhood that has a small private beach on a beautiful lake. So I’m guessing my summer will be filled with taking the boys to the lake. Such a hardship! 

 I love swimming. My grandparents had a place on a nearby lake and we had a small above ground pool. It took a lot for my parents to get us OUT Of the water. Maybe why I love to be near the water even now. So taking the boys and hanging out in the water will be fun. 

I wasn’t able to attend my daughter’s baby shower -though I did send her a few small gifts – but mostly I will be showering them all with my love and time.(and maybe helping her do laundry and dishes and cleaning the house)  I know this gift is better than any other I could give. And it's the one my daughter appreciates the most.

Right now I’d like to shower you with a small gift. 

I’ve recently put the first book in the Love on the Line series on sale at 99c. But because you are reading this here and now, I have an offer for you to download it FREE.  (Way better than 99c, right?)

Wild Card Undercover

All I ask is if you like it, consider checking out the rest of the books in the series. Books 1 – 4 are currently available. Books 5 and 6 will be out soon.

Love on the Line

Also, authors are so grateful for reviews. It doesn’t have to be much. A sentence or two of what you loved about the book. This helps readers find new books that fit their tastes.

Your assignment today - Go out and shower someone else with love and friendship – or an author with a nice review!!


Stay positive, remember the blessings we do have, and read lots of romance!!




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  1. Thanks for the book! I look forward to reading it. I envy you your grandchildren. Those are cute boys. What fun you'll have with the boys and the baby girl. Showering others with kindness is always a good idea.

  2. I'll have to check out if I read that one. A new baby is so exciting. Will be waiting for the pics. And thanks for passing along good thoughts of showering others. Same to you. Enjoy ST. Augustine. Some day I need to visit that city.

    1. Thanks! I am very excited about the new baby! Yes, do come visit St. Augustine. It's so beautiful here!

  3. Sounds like you have an awesome summer ahead.

  4. Congratulations! How wonderful! My mother-in-law really wanted my husband to be a girl. But no such luck, which was GREAT for me and my future. Then, her first two grandchildren were boys. So when I got pregnant, she was hoping so much for a granddaughter, and she got her! I love "showering" people with things! I hope you have so much fun! And thank you for the book!

    1. Grandbabies are wonderful no matter what kind they are!! Love them all!

  5. Grandkids are so the best, aren't they? I love baby showers simply because there is absolutely nothing made for a baby that isn't cute!

  6. Congratulations! That's wonderful! Enjoy your time together! Thanks for the read! I picked up a few of your other books, too!

  7. Awww, you are so sweet!! Thanks for the support!

  8. OOH! Thank you so much. Just downloaded a free copy of WILD CARD UNDERCOVER. Tonight when I finish writing, I'll start reading it. Can't wait.


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