Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Hello from Cuba - by Judith Hudson

Hi everyone,
I’m in Varadero Cuba this week for my niece’s Brady Bunch wedding. We’re all thrilled that she and her two teenage children have finally found their HEA (Happily ever after) with a lovely man with four slightly younger children. That’s right, SIX KIDS. But they’re loving it.

Even the groom looks bemused.
Our family has a history of slightly unconventional weddings. My son’s formal, Cuban, Miami wedding was over the top by our somewhat staid Canadian standards. It was totally out of this introvert’s comfort zone (I think I was the only woman not wearing a formal gown) especially when they introduced my even-more-introverted husband and I on the loud, LOUD speaker. The doors were thrown open and we walked into a purple-lit room, swirling with disco ball lights, full of cheering people. Our family were all laughing and cheering along. They said we looked like two fawns in the headlights. But our new Cuban-American family welcomed us with open hearts and open arms!

I love to photograph weddings, and the craziest ceremony yet had to be the one held in the Peak-to-Peak Gondola at Whistler where another niece tied the knot with her Aussie husband. We commandeered the gondola (she'd worked at  the tourist info and knew it was a wedding "thing") and they held the ceremony and champagne toast in the time it took us to go across to the opposite peak and back.

Then the bride and groom skied away.

I love making hardcover books of wedding photographs (I use the Shutterfly program) and giving them to the happy couple as a remembrance of their big day. That's what my daughter and I are planning to do at this beach wedding, too.

Do you have a favorite wedding you've attended? Tell me what made it special in the comments. If I can get a signal at the hotel, I'll be sure to answer! This beach wedding is sure to have some great photo ops, and I'll be posting some of them on my facebook page. Please drop by and take a look!

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You can read Maddie and Jake's wedding excerpt on the  blog page on my website.

Until next time,

Judith Hudson

P.S. Don't forget to find those eggs and enter the Romance Gems April Giveaway!


  1. The most fun wedding I attended was a very unconventional couple on a small island in the PNW. We were piped through the woods by a piper to a hidden pond. The wedding party filed in and stood on a huge log in the middle of the pond for their vows. The reception had a circus theme with jugglers, clowns on stilts, a fortune teller, peanuts in the shell and cotton candy on the tables for snacks. It was an absolute riot. Better yet, the couple is still together over 15 years. Church weddings were very dull after that one.

  2. What fun weddings your family dreams up. We’ve been to a park wedding...very pretty and fun. And to a 5 star resort wedding. Both were fun and made for wonderful marriages.

  3. Oh wow, those weddings are seriously fun! I never thought of getting married because I thought it was too much of a hassle trying to make it work for everyone... but now I see that it doesn't have to be that way. Thanks for sharing! Haha more Canadians on here!

  4. Loved your post, Judith! The wedding sounds like a lot of fun. The most unusual wedding I ever attended was a western theme. Guests sat on hay bales, the bride rode in on a white horse. She wore boots with her formal wedding gown. After the kiss, she mounted and the groom mounted behind her. The horse reared and almost threw him. They gained control of the horse and galloped away. Gosh. I need to include that in a book sometime. *LOL*

  5. My daughter's best friend and her husband loved the Boston Bruins so much they had a Bruins cake for their wedding. They just had their first son and his middle name is Bear - ( a Bruin is a bear if you didn't know).

  6. I love marriages! Thank you for sharing S2

  7. I enjoyed the stories! I don't think I have an unusual wedding, although when my niece got married and her new husband gave her daughter a necklace at the same time and the three of them walked out of the sanctuary together, it was very touching and still is 13 years later.

  8. LOVE this post, Judith! Especially since this seems to be "wedding year" for my family. Nieces, nephews, friends... All with different settings and moods. I don't have a favorite but rather enjoy witnessing the unique things they come up with to celebrate. Two weeks ago, in southern California, the happy couple shared their vows in the stunning Descanso Gardens. My great-niece (age 3) hurled rose petals in a bright yellow dress and flower crown. And, yes, I cried. Such a sap! haha


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