Saturday, April 6, 2019

Where's Joan by @JoanReeves #RomanceGems

Where's Joan?
Do you remember the children's book Where's Waldo?

Lately, I feel as if I could star in Where's Joan, my version of that adventure book.

I've been in Louisiana at my older brother's farm where I was staying to take care of my sister-in-law after her second major surgery.

I've been at more hospitals and doctors' office than I can count as I shepherded her and my brother to appointments.

I enjoyed the time spent with my brother and sister-in-law because, like most families, we see each other most often during the holidays.

The drive home was long, but I enjoyed the scenery of wildflowers. Louisiana has red clover blooming along most highways. When I reached Texas, I was treated to the first bluebonnets of the season.

April Showers Bring May Flowers
1st bloom by our Country Home

April is one of my favorite months because of all the wildflowers blooming along Texas roadsides. Most people have heard of bluebonnets, our state flower.

Not as many are acquainted with the other colorful flowers that begin blooming in March with different flowers popping up from spring and into the heat of summer.

We have orange Indian Paintbrush, Mexican Blankets that are a rust red, yellow, and brown daisy-like flower, bright yellow bitterweeds, pink evening primroses, purple wine cups, and sunflowers just to mention a few.

Oh, and there's also Texas Bluebells, a pale blue flower that's as aromatic as roses.

Blue Bell ice cream took its name for the Texas flower of the same name. The story goes that the Blue Bell Creamery was built in a field of bluebells.

Houston Blooms

March begins the azalea parade in Houston. Just about everyone grows azaleas in their yards, and the Azalea Trail Tour is an annual event where you can visit gardens that would make Monty Don, England's Master gardener, weep with joy!

April Fool Bride

In April Fool Bride, a Contemporary Marriage of Convenience Romance, Maddie Quinn is trudging through the gray slush of melting snow in New York and wishing she were home where the azaleas were blooming.

But Maddie is a woman with a mission. She needs to be married by the time she turns 25 in order to take control of her trust fund.

Mad Maddie, as the tabloids christened her, learned the hard way that men only see dollar signs when they look at her. She's decided the perfect solution is a marriage of convenience.

The man she chooses is the only one she thinks she can trust. He was her only friend when they were growing up together.

Jake Becker hasn’t seen Maddie since the night she tried to seduce him. Why should he agree to help the woman who changed the course of his life?

Simple. Revenge.

Or is it something else?

Something that sizzles like steam heat between Maddie and Jake that neither can resist?

April Fool Bride is Book 1 of All Brides Are Beautiful.

This funny, sexy romance is a free read if you're a Kindle Unlimited subscriber.

Or, buy if for only $2.99 and keep it forever.

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  1. Hi Joan, Never knew there was an azalea parade. I have a couple but think of it mostly as a bush although it flowers. The pic of the roadside is beautiful. Love the pics of your books! They are funny and cute and draw you in. Wow. Thanks for telling us about another great book.

    1. Hello, Nora. Guess what? I slept all day this Saturday. Daughter was at ER all night. Fun times. Azaleas are wonderful—simply a mass of flowers from top to bottom.

  2. Wherever Joan is, or was, I'm just glad she's back. :-)

    1. Good evening, Nancy. I'm glad to be back too. Hope I get to stay home for a while.

  3. I hope everything is OK with your sister-in-law!

    I love friends-to-lovers stories! Adding to my TBR!

    1. Thank you, Iris! S-i-l is doing well, following doctor's orders and her physical therapists. In another month, if all goes well, she should be mostly back to a normal life. Hope you enjoy April Fool Bride.

    2. That's excellent to know! Health is the greatest asset we have... more than money or anything.

  4. Blue Bell ice cream... Ugh I'm dying to try that, but I'm afraid the package would melt by the time it gets to west coast of Canada. xD

    I do have a Texan friend though... hmm.

    I'm glad you got to spend time with your siblings (not under those circumstances), but still, family time is <3!

    1. Homemade Vanilla and Black Walnut are our favorite flavors, but Tin Roof is a pretty close second--chocolate covered peanuts in vanilla. Sadly, you're right. It would never make it to west coast Canada. Yes, love spending time with family. Just doesn't happen often enough. Same with our kids. They're scattered all over Texas and juggling their schedules and their kids' schedules makes getting together difficult.

  5. Glad you are back!! The book sounds great! I do love me a good marriage of convenience book! Will have to go check it out.

    1. Hello, Kari. Thanks. Good to be home and back in the office too. I'm a sucker for marriage of convenience too.

  6. This book looks like another sure-fire winner. Grabbing my copy. And welcome back. You were missed.

    1. Why thanks, Kathleen. Hope you're having a great weekend.


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