Saturday, December 7, 2019

A special Christmas present: the Hallmark Channel #RomanceGems

There was my husband sitting on the sofa with a tear in his eye. We were watching a Hallmark Channel Christmas movie.

“I’m a softy,” he said.

Why do we waste time during the holidays watching these movies? They are so predictable! The writer in me analyzed their pre-requisites:

  • A boy friend who’s not right for the heroine
  • A handsome hero who is totally opposite from the heroine
  • A well-meaning friend, angel, or relative who guides the heroine
  • A heroine with a busy career, or she’s seeking a career, or she’s a single mom
  • A visit to the Christmas tree lot and decorating the tree
  • A baking cookies scene
  • A belief that “it’s Christmas!” and that because it’s Christmas anything can happen

But you know the real reason we watch Hallmark Christmas movies? These movies make us feel happy. That’s why!

Janie Emaus explains why the movies make her feel happy in her Huffington Post blog 4 Reasons Hallmark Movies Saved My Holiday Spirit. Read it. She explains it very well.

I like one of her conclusions. Emaus says, “I’d like to think this can happen in real life. That we do give people a second chance.”

Second chances are important to me. I’ve had my second, or third, or fourth chance. I write about second chances. One of my favorite themes is the reunion story where hero and heroine get a second chance at love.

What about you? Do you believe in do-overs? Second chances?


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  1. Thank you for the article. I'm a die hard Hallmark fan so of course your blog was perfect for me. Great books too to choose from!

  2. I love reunion/second chance romances very much!! I've only ever seen part of one Hallmark Christmas movie at my daughter's house a few years ago. I don't have cable and never actually watch TV. But I think I'd be a sucker for these! I'm all about romance!

  3. I love these movies! On of my favorites actually mirrors Pride and Prejudice, but I can't remember the name. Something like "12 Men for Christmas". I haven't seen it in a long time. It's soooo cute!

    1. Kara, is it the one with Kristin Chenoweth and she's doing a holiday calendar? The Twelve Men of Christmas. That was just on last week.

  4. I am all about comfort viewing and secong chance romance. Or any romance.

  5. Love you post, Jan. I'm watching a Christmas movie as I'm reading the posts on Romance Gems. I agree with the blog post you cited as to why we watch these movies when we know the plot points and the way they will end. I am one who desperately needs some optimism right now, and I'm not alone. There are millions of us who feel that need. So keep making them Hallmark, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. The world needs them.

  6. Who doesn't love a happy ending? I think second chances can work but a lot of it depends on what the reason was behind the break up to begin with.

  7. Great post. We all need those chances and those happy endings.


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