Friday, March 8, 2019

Staying Focused And...Oh, Look by @ElsaKurt #RomanceGems

Yep, I'm that guy...

That woman, really. But for some reason, I developed an attachment to referring to everyone from my dogs, to myself, to inanimate objects as that guy. Kind of like everything that ever has happened in the universe occurred the other day. This may be due to laziness - I can't be bothered to recall the actual date or time said thing or event - or it's a result of my, ahem, struggle with focus.

Literally, that's me. (Okay, fine, figuratively) 

My whole life can be summed up by my childhood report cards.
 "Would do so well, if only she'd stop daydreaming..." 
"...if she'd only apply herself."
 "Inattentive, flighty, has trouble staying on task..."

I drank that Kool-Aid for years, my friends. Years. Accepted that I'm a non-finisher, flakey. Shrugged my shoulders and thought, I can't. And then I stopped. I poured a glass of Get the Hell Over It with a garnish of  They're Not The Boss Of Me, and I started making my brand of crazy work for me.

Obviously, that's the Cliff Notes version.

But you get the idea. I am frequently unfocused and I'm okay with it. Being unfocused has allowed me to raise two kids, get through two divorces (third times a charm, y'all) volunteer for every school PTA thing there was, work as a floral designer for fifteen years, get my real estate license, work in commission-based retail (for a hot minute) become a child care provider, refinish furniture, learn how to crochet, oh, and write and publish eight novels, three novellas, a writer's guide to writing, publishing, and promoting for beginners, and a handful of children's books. There's some stuff I did the other day, too, but I can't remember.

I apologize for the humblebrag.

But for the girl voted Most Likely To Be A Malibu Beach Bum (okay, maybe not a real category, but if it was...) I am damn proud of what my little monkey brain has accomplished. Thanks to that little, 'Look, a squirrel' voice, I have three book projects in the works, which I'd like to give you a quick peek into.


Comes with an explanation. When I wrote books one and two of Welcome to Chance (Mae's Cafe and A Season To Remember) I self-published. At the time, it felt right. Then, on a whim, I decided to submit them to my publisher for consideration. Lo and behold, they said they wanted to put me under contract. Yippie...and damn. This meant I had to pull the books from sales distribution, right when they started to gain a tiny bit of momentum. All good, though. It's great news & I'm very happy. Re-release for Mae's Cafe will likely be in the spring, and A Season To Remember (with a new title) will be out soon after. As the edit process commences, I'm also writing Book Three (untitled as of yet).


Okay, this guy is really different. I'm not even sure what sub-genre it falls under yet! It's working title is Willa Unraveled and it's about a young woman who believes the Archangel Michael has been coming to her in her dreams. Her family thinks she's become unhinged and send her to a discrete facility in Connecticut called Havenway to 'cure' her. Things become complicated when Maxwell shows up at Havenway, and Dr. Morante - charged with unraveling the mystery of Willa - begins to question everything he thought he knew.

And Three...

Okay, now THIS is the guy you may be most interested in because YOU get to name a character in the story! The Two Tenley's is a projected fall release about two women who get caught in a life-changing case of mistaken identity when they both show up in the same doctor's office and get each other's test results. This sets off a series of events on their very separate, very different lives and sparks both adventure and soul searching for both.
Tenley Harper is the thirty-six-year-old daughter of retired pro wrestling champ, Charlie The Hurrican Harper. She's a free-spirited, modern-day hippy who refuses to commit to anyone or anything. Or can she?
Tenley (Lee) Harper is a small-town school teacher married to her college sweetheart. Her life is orderly, organized, and predictable. Until she decides to go off the rails, that is. The doctor's news has changed everything on an instant and she's ready for the adventure of a lifetime. Or is she?

Your Job...

So, here's what I need... help me name one of the wrestlers in Tenley's inner circle. He's like an uncle to her. Picture every wrestler you've ever seen - big, gruff, loud, and larger than life. Creative, funny, cliche... anything you can think of! I'll also need a name for Tenley's absent mother, who she believes died when she was born. Thanks and good luck!

On a serious note...

I make light of the challenges with ADD (as I now know it to be) because I've made it to the other side. I still get frustrated by my struggle to stay on task and the constant chatter in my brain and have to give the reminder to take a step back and just be kind to myself. I explained it this way to my husband once while in a sports bar. I said, "See how all of this TV's are playing different channels all at once around us? That's what the inside of my brain looks like." Of course, it's not sports in there, but stories and songs and movies and more (oh, my). Another upside? I'm never, ever bored.

So, if you, kind reader, find that this resonates with you, I hope you see it as the overall blessing it is. We're not flighty, we're multi-taskers. As a side note, I'm honored to say thanks to my beautiful author tribe, I understand now that I am far from an anomaly. Many (most?!) writers are scattered. It's what keeps the stories coming. I can't explain what a relief it is to know I'm not alone.


If you're curious about what my monkey brain has created, all of my books are HERE. And here's a peek at some more covers.

Now for the super fun stuff...

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  1. Elsa, my medium friend actually channels the archangel Michael. Just saying...

    1. Ah,this is a serious wish of mine, to learn whether my childhood dreams were just that, or something more...

    2. I can send you the link to her website. She does readings over the phone. And she's not a fake. PM on FB or email me.

  2. I'm also very 'look a shiny squirrel' as well. Never realized until later in life it was something lots of people go through. Apparently I learned many coping skills along the way because I managed to get through school then college and graduate school, and then teach for over 30 years. While being married and raising three kids.
    Distraction is tough to overcome as I write though with all the addictive social media out there now. But we should give ourselves a pat on the back for doing it!! Good luck with your reissues and new books!

  3. What a story and an uplifting one too. I think many can relate to it some way. You've accomplished so much, I think the label was incorrect or you just love a challenge!! The newest book sounds like lots of fun. Good luck wit the publisher too.

  4. Sounds like you have the perfect outlook and outlet. Everyone should be so lucky. Great reminder to embrace everything that makes us unique.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Multi-tasking works for me. At least that's what I tell myself.


  7. For me it's dissociation not being in the minute and just walking and realizing that I have walk 12 or more blocks and just zoned out. cheetahthecat1986ATgmailDOTcom

  8. Oh, how much I missed this Lord of The Rings meme! One does not simply stop using LOTR memes!

    Name for a wrestler? Ummm... Joey? Hank? Bill? Wade?

    Yeah, I suffer a lot from my lack of attention to boring important stuff, such as filing my tax return (instead of browsing random stuff on the internet, or reading my Kindle). Thanks for your post!

    My contact info: adissidente [at] gmail [dot] com

  9. Elsa, I love this post! Especially this: "I poured a glass of Get the Hell Over It with a garnish of They're Not The Boss Of Me..." I think all of us who eventually succeed have had that same drink garnished the same way. WTGG!

  10. Can I just say... I love you guys!!!

  11. Elsa, really cute .... oh look, squirrel!

  12. What Joan Reeves spades. I’ve enjoyed the same drink myself!

  13. Great story. thanks for sharing
    debby236 at gmail dot com

  14. I love that you've found a way to work WITH your unique capabilities instead of pounding your head against the wall being frustrated that you're not like everyone else. Your accomplishments are remarkable and you have every right to be proud!

    Thank you for sharing, Elsa.


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