Monday, June 3, 2019

Summertime by Karen Whiddon

All around the country, school is out or getting out.  Children and teachers are ready for the summer months - the heat, the pools, vacations, and fun.  For me, the Texas heat means I must move my outdoor walk to earlier in the morning.  And since all the television shows we watch regularly go on summer hiatus, once we've exhausted Netflix and HBO, I get to do some reading.  I get LOTS of reading done in the summer.

My husband has to watch TV at night. He doesn't want to read or talk, though when we're at the lake place, he plays Scrabble with me.  At home, he sits in his recliner and watches television. Often, he dozes.  I can go sit out by the pool with my Kindle and indulge my reading passion.  I love trying new series and authors and I've recently found some new-to-me, good ones.  I read romance true, but also fantasy and young adult, and horror - in short, whatever catches my fancy.

And as always, I write.  I have an old Alphasmart that I enjoy using outside.  I also have been known to take pen and notebook and go sit in my backyard swing.  Oh, only in the morning or after dusk here because it's too brutally hot in the heat of the day.  These outdoor writing times are sometimes productive, sometimes not, but they're for me.  Diary entries, ideas for future books, or a special project I'm working on to send to my agent.  Fun writing.  It feeds my soul.

Weather wise (and temperature wise) I'm more of an Autumn, Winter, Spring person.  I'm not a fan of heat, which might seem amusing since I live in Texas. Ah well, it is what it is.

What are your favorite summer activities? Do you love or hate the heat?

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  1. Hi Karen, It was fun reading about your summer days in Texas. Here in New England if we hit 90 degrees, it's big news. People run out for window ACs and fans. The beach is packed. Though there are some people who have air conditioned homes, it's not the norm. Sometimes the news advises us to go to places like a mall to cool off. Some wish the heat would go away and some wish for three days of 90 so it's an official heat wave. Either way, we are always dreaming of different ways to pass our days. Writing and/or Reading are always at the top of my list.

  2. I'm more of a summer watcher. I love what it offers (especially its early mornings), but am never a fan of the heat. However, I'm not sure any heat is coming to Indiana this year, so it may not be a problem. :-)

  3. I love the summer but we live in New Hampshire during the warmer months so it's not as hot as you have. Most days it's bearable. I love being outside, always. I bring my Kindle outside and read while watching the ducks in our little duck pond. Or use my laptop to create new stories! If it's super hot, I'll go take a swim in our community pool. Even if it rains, I can be found in the screen porch enjoying the raindrops. I do love summer!

  4. I love everything about summer. Here in the PNW the heat is never unbearable. I love farmer's markets, outdoor concerts, hiking, kayaking, lazy days at the beach. And of course reading outdoors. I admit somedays it's hard to stay in and write. Since my Neo broke, I always have paper and pen when I'm outside. I too, like you, Karen, love to feed the muse whenever I can.

  5. My favorite part of summer are the nights. Texas is too hot during the day, but at night, it's almost perfect. And quite romantic! Enjoyed the post!

  6. There's nothing like reading a good book under a shade tree. I love going for walks with my hubby at night. Hot summer nights are the best (as long as I use copious amounts of bug spray.)

  7. It has definitely gotten hot in Texas. We're staying with our daughter while we wait on our forever home and she has a pool. Even so, we can't swim between about 11:30 and 3:30. But when we do, sooo nice!
    I'm actually reading Lee Child. Not my usual romance, but he's such a good writer that I love his books. I also love romance, of course, and young adult, fantasy, paranormal, suspense... LOL I just love reading!

  8. Hey, Karen. Nice post. I've learned the only way to survive our Texas summers is to stay inside. I discovered that a couple of years ago when I'd broken my ankle and spent all summer sitting with my foot over my heart, reading & watching TV. Once I got out when our cooler fall had arrived I commented to someone what a mild summer we'd had. She looked at me like I was nuts. I laughed when I realized I'd missed it except for a few doctor trips. So like you, I'll enjoy early mornings and evenings with lots of mosquito repellent on. :)

  9. I spent most of June getting ready to go on a trip then traveling. Karen, I still have my Alphasmart and take it when we go on trips by car. Used it this trip too.


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