Wednesday, February 5, 2020

The Benefits of Winter Hibernation by Nancy Fraser

I hate winter! I'm not a skier, I don't snowshoe, I don't skate. Even as a kid, I favored the summer months and sports.

However, in the past, I tolerated winter. I got out and did things, and I caught a lot of colds ... no matter how well I bundled, or what vitamins I took. Then, it dawned on me ... people were making me sick (literally). You can't control other peoples' lives, including whether or not they're sick, or whether they wash their hands, or take medication.

So, this year, I decided to hibernate. My plan is working ... so far. One large shopping trip at the beginning of the month, a very short trip mid-month to restock where necessary. In an out of the store (even Costco) as quickly as possible.

Rather than spend my time outdoors, I've put together a list of things I can do indoors to pass Eastern Canada's three worst months of winter!

First of all, and most importantly, I can write. In January alone, I managed to finish galley edits on two books, plot out a third, and sign a new contract. If this holds up, I may reach an all-time personal high for books produced in one year!

Second, since I'm already protecting myself from catching something, I might as well concentrate on other parts of my health that need attention. I'm still looking for a good balance on that one, but I hold out hope that things will get better as spring and summer approach.

Finally, I'm saving money! No impulse buying on unnecessary shopping trips. No grabbing fast food because I forgot to set something out before I left the house. AND, I'm still working on the full tank of gas I put in my car on New Year's Eve.

And, BONUS, I haven't had as much as a sniffle (knock on wood)!

The one thing I've definitely done is read. I've enjoyed more books in the past month than I did all last year.

Speaking of reading, we have a wonderful new feature devoted to our friend Cupid. Check out the Holiday Book Fair page to see all our books!

I'd love to give away a set of my Valentine-themed novellas, Only Yours and it's sequel, Paging Dr. Cupid. Both are sweet romances set in the mid-1960s. All you have to do to win is comment below and tell me about the most romantic gift you ever received! Don't forget to spell out your email address (e.g., romwriter96 (at) gmail (dot) com).

Everyone expects Rebecca Winston to marry her high school/college sweetheart, Garrett Langley. The problem is, the flame’s gone out on their romance. When Garrett’s older brother Wyatt (an L.A. attorney) returns home for the first time in years. The attraction between Rebecca and Wyatt is immediate.

Can Rebecca expect her family and, especially, Garrett to understand that her desires have changed and turned toward Wyatt?

Can Wyatt get past the feeling that he’s poaching his younger brother’s girl?


Dr. Garrett Langley can’t seem to find a secretary who can keep up with his demands. Piano prodigy Grace Valentyne desperately needs a job to afford the last year of her education. 

When offered the opportunity to work for the physician nicknamed Dr. Cupid, she jumps at the chance. Grace soon finds herself in over her head—and not just with the office equipment. Falling for the boss won’t get her back to Julliard but may just make her dreams come true.

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Until next month ... hibernate if you can! You can accomplish so much more if you do!



  1. I'm with ya on the hibernation, Nancy dear. There are days in january and february that I never even get dressed, much less leave my warm home!

  2. All of your reasons for hibernating are the reasons we take a winter break! So far we’ve missed torrential rains, major snowfalls and flooding and road closures. I love the results of your hibernation too. More writing, reading and better can’t beat that.

  3. I like the idea of hibernating, but since cabin fever sets in by the 3rd day, it just doesn't happen with me. However, a few snow days like Peggy described wouldn't come amiss.

  4. My solution to the winter doldrums was to move to Florida during the cold months! As I love writing outside, it works out well for me!

  5. Hilarious! And very smart! We all need to adopt this philosophy as much as possible. Your books sound awesome, especially Only Yours. Lots of tension there. I got nervous just reading the blurb.

  6. Not sure I could take a Canadian winter! 49 degrees today for a high and we're dropping down to near freezing tonight. That's more than enough cold for me LOL

  7. I wish I could hibernate! I'm with you on hating the cold. I can't believe that when I was a kid I thought it was fun to go out to play in the snow.
    As far as your books...I'm very interested in the idea of books set in the 60s. I pitched one to an editor at a conference and she told me she doesn't do historicals! Way to make me feel old!

  8. I'm with you on disliking winter. I stay in a lot more than usual, but I still need that work play balance, which is hard to achieve. What fun reads you are giving away.

  9. Nancy, I love winter but I live in a much milder climate than you do. Still, I like to hibernate any time of year. Loved the post.

  10. I don't like the winter when it gets really cold. Luckily I live in Atlanta so we don't get long periods of real real cold. We instead have no rhyme or reason reason to our weather! Which makes so many of us sick! I've been sick since Christmas and it turned into pneumonia! No fun at all! I'm still weak and coughing... So this winter is definitely no fun!

  11. Yep, I'm wearing warm sweats, staying inside, and working my To Do list, but most important of all, I'm writing!

  12. Coming out of hibernation soon, but now forced to stay in, I don't mind though!!


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