Saturday, May 2, 2020

Remember when we used to travel? - by Judith Hudson

I'm big on escapist reading these days so I'm indulging in a little armchair travel.

Do you enjoy reading mysteries? The fun, the action, the exotic locations. With a dash of romantic tension between the two protagonists thrown in. (When it's a series you can't rush the romance.)

Welcome to my new series, the Rocky and Bernadette travel mysteries! In the first book, Temple of the Jaguar, (did I mention it's out May 1?)  travel photographer Rocky Falconi and novice travel writer Bernadette Mallow are sent to a remote village in the Yucatan jungle to cover a Mayan Cultural tour and, of course, murder and mayhem ensue!

Just for fun, (and don't we all need a bit of fun these days?) I made this book trailer.

You can also watch it here on youTube

What readers say about Temple of the Jaguar:
"A fun fast paced murder mystery that takes you on a tour of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico!"
"[an] entertaining murder mystery ... I look forward to more travel adventures with Bernadette and Rocky."
The blurb:
Former archaeologist and single mother Bernadette Mallow is on her first assignment with Let’s Travel magazine, covering a Maya Cultural Tour deep in the Yucatan jungle. After years of transcribing her former professor’s dry academic notes, this is her dream job, but she has to do a good job if she wants more work with the magazine.
Her new partner, photographer Rocky Falconi, is difficult to win over and, to make matters worse, her annoying second sight acts up, warning her something is terribly wrong. A gift from her Irish granny, it never gives her any real insight— just always seems to get her into trouble.
When bodies start turning up in the lagoon, being in the wrong place at the wrong time draws unwanted attention to Bernadette from the Mexican police. That's when Rocky decides it's time to step in.
Bernadette has to get “granny’s gift” under control before someone else gets hurt—or dies.

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  1. I always thought being a travel writer would be a very cool job. Love to travel!

  2. I did it for a while and am writing these books in memory of places I've loved. Looking forward to doing more travel someday. sigh.

    1. The book sounds awesome, Judy! When I was in the 5th grade, I remember telling my teacher that I either wanted to be an archaeologist or go in the Peace Corps. I didn't do either, but it's fun thinking about the travel that either of those choices could have taken me on.

  3. The new series sound great. Good luck with Rocky and Bernadette. (I almost wrote Rocky and Bullwinkle. *LOL*)


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