Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Vote For Dark Past

Dark Past has been nominated for a RONE Award! I am so so excited about this! But Dark Past won't win without your help!

Please vote for Dark Past in the novella category here

You have to make an account, but it takes a couple of seconds and you can opt out of emails. 

Voting is from May 11 through May 17, 2020. 

In D'Tale gave Dark Past a great review: Here is a screenshot, and a link for those with screenreaders

Some secrets won't stay quiet...

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I also have a teeny bit of news: Amethyst Heat is free! This is a short story I wrote once upon a time, and it's got a spiffy new cover -I mean doesn't this just scream Highlander Take Me Away?

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While out riding, Meg McMurray finds herself on unfamiliar lands. Gone are the long expanses of Oklahoma prairie, and in front of her are the wild Scottish Highlands. How did she come to be there, and did Aunt Gilly's amethyst ring have anything to do with it? A sweet romance set in the Highlands of Scotland.

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