Tuesday, May 5, 2020

What's Old is New Again by Nancy Fraser #romancegems

Like a lot of you, I've been scrambling for things to do in order to stave off boredom. For some, of course, your family keeps you hopping. Being that I'm self-isolating on my own ... the boredom is real.

I can only write for so long. And, unfortunately, I'm struggling to meet the number of hours I once spent at the computer. I'm still meeting deadlines...we do have to stay professional. However, any thought of a new project has gone the way of saddle shoes and rotary dial phones. (Yes, I'm that old!) So what does a writer do when she has less interest in writing?

For me, I turn to other media. In the past couple of months, I've revisited a number of old favorites. For instance...

On my trusty DVD:

I've rewatched all four seasons of my favorite 1990 romantic comedy/adventure, Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. The writers of this series did a brilliant job of building and sustaining sexual tension between the two main characters. The "will they or won't they" dynamic was evident in every episode and paired perfectly with family-friendly Superhero action for a very entertaining program.

At the moment, I'm four seasons into The West Wing. Probably my all time favorite drama, political or otherwise. The characters were so well formed, so cohesive...even when they were at each others' throats. Actor Martin Sheen's absolutely stunning performance as President Josiah Barlett was a perfect representation of an "imperfect" man striving to do the right thing. Sometimes he failed, and sometimes he succeeded beyond what you thought was possible. The revolving door of impressive guest stars only added to an already stellar cast. With three more seasons to go, I'm hoping we get sprung before I get to the end. However, I'll watch it anyway.

On my full bookshelf:

While I still have a number of newer romances to read (quite a few by our Romance Gems authors), I took comfort in revisiting a number of my older favorites.

Probably my absolute favorite contemporary romance novel of all time: Chain Lightning by the amazing Elizabeth Lowell. Now here was an author who knew how to write steamy love scenes BEFORE they became the norm. Combined with a heart-tugging plot with tortured heroine, it is the ultimate hero/heroine escape.

I've had my autographed copy of this book for over thirty years and I still read it at least once per year. It's become a birthday tradition.

As for a trip down historical romance memory lane, you can't go wrong with A Knight in Shining Armor by Jude Deveraux. Another writing masterpiece, this perfect mix of time travel and history takes me on a great ride every time I re-read it.

If you're a fan of hunky historical heroes and feisty heroines, this book has it all.

And, on my Bose speakers:

Another trip down memory lane for sure. I've been rediscovering the music I grew up on. I just finished listening to The Beatles 1. This album brings back memories of the first concert I ever attended at Detroit's Olympia Stadium. I rode three city buses to get there and three to get back. And it was worth every minute. However, as big a fan as I was, I still didn't understand the screaming, crying and fainting.

A bit more modern, but equally enteraining, The Classics, by the amazingly talented a capella group, Pentatonix. One of the tracks from this album ties in perfectly to that trip down memory lane with their rendition of the late John Lennon's Imagine. It speaks to me specifically because it deals with the issues of acceptance despite our differences and our need to come together in times of stress.

Please enjoy!

I'd love to hear from our readers as to what you're doing to stave off boredom. Or, if you're one of the few who have plenty to keep them busy, what you're doing to maintain your sanity.

For those of you who are essential ... you have my undying gratitude.

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Until next month, stay happy, stay healthy, and remember to wash your hands!



  1. You have some great shares here, Nancy! Loved Lois and Clark. Totally ordering Knight In Shining Armor since it has a time travel element. It's been challenging for me, staying on track with my writing during this emotional roller coaster ride, but I'm "on" right now. We'll see what tomorrow brings. Since I've worked from home for many years, have three crazy dogs, and I am blessed to have family with me, I'm busy! My favorite family-time thing is catching up on TV and movies together. Friday and Saturday nights we cook "fun foods" and pop some corn. 😁

  2. Boredom hasn't yet been an issue (although it knocks at the door every now and then) but I love the things you've shared here. I've watched a lot of The West Wing lately, too. It goes along with sewing, especially since I've seen them all so often that it's easy to keep up!

  3. Imagine is one of my all-time favorite songs, and I really enjoyed the Pentatonix version this morning, Nancy. Thanks for sharing!

  4. OMG! I absolutely LOVE Lois and Clark. I own the entire series on dvd also!! As for boredom, haven't hit it yet. I'm still doing exactly what I was doing before the virus showed up, just not going to stores or in public.

  5. Since my hard drive died and got replaced I’ve been learning new software, rebuilding my inventory of books that were lost in the crash...and I still get bored because it’s not writing fresh words. But I may have to see if it’s time to get back to my most recent new project. Great post Nancy!

  6. Super post! Two of my all time favorite romance novels. Powerful writing by 2 of the best in the business. I'm not bored, but I am restless. And sick of my own cooking. Lots of days the words are hard to find. But I keep digging.

  7. My job is keeping me busy until about 4:30. I enjoyed your list. I think I'd like Lois and Clark! I didn't watch it when it was on. I've been watching Psyche. It's a funny show!

  8. I've still got more to do than I can manage! I like your way of coping, Nancy. I also like your choice of TV shows, and the music. Hang in there!

  9. I was a big Lowell fan--is she still writing--and Knight in Shining Armor must be classic.

  10. You have great taste, Nancy, since we share some favorites. Pentatonix members attended the same high school as our youngest daughter, though not at the same time as she did. I don't actually get bored--too many things I want to do. I have written a lot and that's good for me. Best wishes.


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