Sunday, February 17, 2019

Book Covers by Karen Whiddon #RomanceGems

As part of my journey into the oft-perplexing waters of self-publishing, I've been trying to learn Photoshop Elements.  But, because I'm impatient, and I have a lot of back list books I wanted to get up, I purchased three covers from different sources.

I've learned that cover prices - and quality - vary greatly.  However, I do know what I love in a cover and once I found what I was looking for, I jumped on it.

The first cover I purchased was for Secrets of the Wolf. I like this cover a lot.  It fits the mood of the story and makes me happy.    The second cover I purchased (from a different artist) was for Touch of the Wolf.  Similar theme, different colors.  I still love it.

And the third cover - for Cry of the Wolf - I was looking for something different.  I wanted a female shape-shifter, since the story belongs to my heroine.  I found the perfect cover and purchased it.

What do you think?  Which cover do you like best?  What draws you to a book cover?  I'd love to hear the answers, as I have more books for which I need to purchase covers.

Purchase Secrets of the Wolf on Amazon here          Purchase Touch of the Wolf Here

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  1. I’m surprised and pleased that you found three different covers that spoke to you and worked with your stores. If I were asked, I’d assume these were all from the same artist. I tell myself covers don’t speak to me as a reader, but that’s not true. I’m drawn to clear images and easy to read fonts.These three re lovely Nd make me think the stories are dark and mysterious. (In a sexy way)

  2. At first sight, the third one draws less attention because we only see her back - and the other two have, well, semi-naked guys.

    However, if I had to choose one book, I'd choose the third one because I prefer female protagonists!

    My contact info: adissidente [at] gmail [dot] com

  3. I applaud your motivation to learn photoshop. I often think about it, but that's as far as I get. Your covers definitely draw me in. I love the ambience in the pictures. I can't wait to see what you come up with yourself. Happy covers to you!

  4. I haven't jumped into self-pub yet and covers are one of the big reasons. I love to make mock covers to use as promo and to send to my publishers when they ask me to fill out their cover forms. However, I'm still just making mine in Powerpoint. Maybe, someday, I'll try Photoshop. Best of luck to you. Can't wait to see what you create.

    1. I still use Power Point also! Glad I'm not the only relic out there.

  5. I haven't done self-publishing yet either, although I'm working on one now, and I used the graphic artist that my publisher uses and she does pretty good. The one that draws me and I like is the first one. Secrets of the Wolf, mostly though, I love a man with dark hair and dark eyes. LOL

  6. These are great pre-mades. I would have picked one title font though, and had each artist use it for more of a 'branding'. I used premades for a while, but have now gone to custom. I am impressed you are taking on photoshop. A valuable tool in tbe right person's hands.

  7. I like the third cover best. I get a good sense of the kind of story I will discover. It's almost "subtle" in it's approach.


  8. I like Cry of the Wolf best. I think it stands out the most. There are so many covers with the half naked male (and I appreciate them) but it makes them blend in with all the other beefcake covers out there.
    Good luck with Photoshop. I was playing around with GIMP for a while ( a free Photoshop like program) but I don't have the patience or talent for creating stuff like this.

  9. I like Touch of the Wolf. I think I like seeing the whole wolf.
    debby236 at hotmail dot com

  10. Hey, Karen. I read your post this morning then was called away before I could leave a comment. Excellent post. You found 3 equally great covers. I like that all elements on each cover have the same color family. Kathleen made a good point about using same title font on each book of a series just as your name already seems to be in the same font on each book. I bet you knock it out of the park when you start designing your own covers.

  11. I love the third cover, as well. I like the reflection at the bottom.

    AFNovice at Yahoo dot com

  12. I like Cry Of The Wolf's cover the best. I like the moon and the blue colors around. I like cookie and images that pop in covers.


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