Friday, February 15, 2019

It's A Chocoholic's Dream Day! by Nancy Fraser #RomanceGems

Today's the day 'chocoholics' everywhere dream of ... 50% off Valentine candy!

Unlike the mad rush on November 1st for leftover Smarties and Peanut Butter Kisses adorned with ghosts and skeletons, today's rush will be for the ultimate prize ... chocolate!

As much as I love chocolate (and I do), I prefer to get my Valentine fix with a good book! Plus, of course, there's no "I can't believe I ate the entire box", sugar-induced hangover the next day. I make it a point to curl up with a good book, a nice decaf coffee, laced with a shot of Baileys, and maybe one or two pieces of chocolate.

What the middle of February also marks, at least for me, is a promise of spring. I've never really put much stock in the ground hog, but I do know that if I ration that 50% off chocolate to one piece (or two) per day, I can usually make it to the first thaw!

Mid-February also seems to be the time I get my second writing wind. My projects for the current year are already outlined and in place. I can start thinking about new projects. Maybe even something outside my comfort zone ... not that there are many things I haven't already done in romance.

Most people (authors and non-authors) make their lists at the beginning of the year. Some call them resolutions, some just name them plans, or goals. I prefer to get a bit farther into the year ... recoup the energy that leads to the second wind.

So today, at some point, I'll start making my lists. I'll begin with the obvious...projects leftover from last year such as the continuation of a series. I'll add something from one of my four publishers' wish lists. I'll finish with a challenge ... something I've always wanted to do but haven't...yet.

One year, the challenge consisted of writing my first erotic romance. The year after, it was my first fantasy. Last year's challenge was my first children's book (which was published just last month). This year???? This just might be the year for that cookbook I've been wanting to write.

In the meantime though ... here's a peek at my upcoming April 1st release. It's a short story for The Wild Rose Press' new "quick reads" line. And, because it's story one of a proposed five, it's also the catalyst for the first thing on my list ... continuation of a series.
~ ~ ~

High school teacher Maggie Lewis has decided to start looking for lust instead of love, and the right place for that is through Lusty Liaisons, a unique and exclusive dating service.

Her friends are always bragging about their fantastic sex lives, and Maggie wants a man who will ignite the fire that burns deep inside her, a man who'll satisfy her every desire…without the hassle searching for him through the tedious dating process. She's hesitant but excited to give in to temptation and agrees to a one-night only liaison with a sexy suit, a virtual Greek God who immediately puts her at ease. Maggie only hopes he's half as good in bed as he looks.

Business mogul Evan Steele is a workaholic. His recent sexual conquests have left him wanting something more, something different. He longs for a lusty, no-holds barred night with a woman who still borders on inexperienced. The demure teacher might be exactly what he needs. But can he break through her shy shell to delight in the fire that simmers below the smooth surface?  

~ ~ ~

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Until later this month, stay happy, stay healthy (despite the chocolate), and stay well read!



  1. Nancy...this is a great month to sort out your plans for the coming year. I also love the way you challenge yourself writing. And WoW! What a gorgeous cover and sexy premise!

  2. Nancy, can't wait for the cookbook. I hope it includes all those pic. you post that make me drool. Good thing not in the food. Great name for the dating service too I agree with that cover it should be a hit.

  3. It does feel like a fresh start after winter hibernation. Love that cover!

  4. This is the first year I wasn't inundated with gift chocolates from my students. Retirement has its drawbacks. Luckily hub got me some along with flowers. But I'm looking at settling in today with a book too! Nothing better. I think I would take books over chocolate if I had to choose!

  5. I am in for the cookbook! I love cookbooks....and most any other kind of book, LOL.

    AFNovice at yahoo dot com

  6. This may sound sacrilegious, but I'm actually not a huge fan of chocolate. However, if I were, I can see how February 15th would be the best day ever!

    February is usually when I start getting into the swing of a new year, as well. January is for hibernating and hatching plans.

  7. Yayy many thanks for the giveaway!!
    What a hot cover! The book will be a success!
    I need an Evan Steele in my life...

    And I love chocolate... even better if it's at a discount price!

    My contact info: adissidente [at] gmail [dot] com

  8. Chocolate is happiness. Great post, motivated me to get my shhht in order!! Oh, and I LOVE that cover!

  9. No calories in a good book.


  10. I'm very impressed with your willpower, eating only one or two chocolates a day. I couldn't do it!

  11. I'm suffering from chocolate hangover. Ugh. Don't want any until next year. Wish I'd taken your advice, Nancy, and just read a book, but I was chauffeuring daughter to doctor appointments with receptionists who wanted to share their candy. (We're regulars at these offices. *LOL*)

    Congratulations, Mary Preston, Week 2 winner of COMMENT & WIN. Woo hoo!

  12. I scored a big box of my favorite Lindt's chocolates for only $2.80! Made my day! Congratulations to the winners n

  13. Thanks everyone for the lovely comments about the post and, of course, about the cover. I should have clarified, this is only my mock up for the publisher. Sometimes they go with what I send, sometimes they change it up a bit. We use different stock photo services, so if they can't find the same image, they get as close as they can. I got my actual cover today for my approval. I have to say ... it's even better than this one! I can't wait to share once it's declared official.


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