Tuesday, October 1, 2019

October Trick or Treat by @JoanReeves #Romance Gems

How many of you chanted this when you were kids: "Trick or treat. Smell my feet. Give me something good to eat!"

My kids used to start on October 1 and keep it up until I heard it in my sleep.

Like my kids, I love Halloween and have fond memories of trick or treating and having a bag full of candy. I gave everything but chocolate candy away.

I'll make a confession. How many of you buy the kind of Halloween candy that YOU like—just in case there are some left over? I'm raising my hand! For me, nothing beats KitKat's and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. What are your favorites?

Dressing Up the Blog for October

Our blog update is done. Although it's not wearing a costume, per se, it has been dressed up with some new quote-graphics on the Home Page.

You'll also see several new covers on the right sidebar so be sure and check out those new books. The Movie Theater has some new videos, including the one for our Halloween promotion, and all the details about our October Promotion are on the Monthly Giveaways Page.


Every Day is Treat Day in October. Each author will give away a prize of her choice on her posting day. That's 31 days of prizes, starting today. I'll be kicking off Treat Day with the first Giveaway so keep reading.

To be entered in the random drawing for a Kindle copy of Blame It On Chocolate, leave a comment with your email address written out (not as a hot link) on this post.

The deadline for doing this is Wednesday night at 8:00pm Central time. I’ll draw the winner's name Thursday, October 3, and notify the winner by email and by leaving a comment on this post.

By the way, in case you wonder why Authors give away books, it’s simple. We want to introduce new Readers to our writing.

If you want to say thanks to the Author, please post a review of the book. Just a few sentences saying why you liked the book is all that is needed! Do this, and Authors will adore you!

But Wait, There's More

Yes, indeedy! We're not just doing a daily random drawing for a prize. We're also doing a Rafflecopter with 4 Amazon Gift Card Prizes. Whoop! Big money! Visit our Monthly Giveaways Page for all the details. If you want to enter immediately, no worries. I've got the Rafflecopter form at the end of my post!

Back to My Giveaway: Blame It On Chocolate

Chloe Elliot was the good girl. She’d never been a hell-raiser. Never gotten drunk, used drugs, smoked pot, or slept around. She didn’t even curse! Since her dad was the son of a minister and the oft-elected mayor, and her mom was the elementary school principal, she'd had no choice but to live a life above reproach. Truthfully, it really hadn’t been that difficult.

Until Hunter Cole returned to his home town.

That was the beginning of Chloe's fall from good girl status. There was just something about the man that addled her brain and created havoc in her body.

Hunter Cole reckoned he had the best of all possible worlds. He'd played for the NFL, and even though two back surgeries had ended that career, he was lucky enough to follow in his dad's footsteps and work the family ranch and also follow his granddad's path and be the sheriff in his west Texas town. Life was perfect.

Until he dropped by the library to say hello to his best friend's little sister.

Chloe wasn't so little any more. In fact, just looking at her made his common sense evaporate. She affected him like no other woman--and he'd had women throwing themselves at him since he was a high school quarterback! If he made a move on her, her brother would nail his hide to the wall. There was only one thing he could do, but did he really want to do that? The thought of it made his bachelor heart shudder with alarm.

To win a Kindle copy of Blame It On Chocolate just leave a comment—with your email—on this post and answer this question:

What is your favorite Halloween candy?

If you don't win the copy I'm giving away, reward yourself by buying a copy.

This romantic comedy short story, Blame It On Chocolate, is only 99¢.

Review: "A fresh, witty, delicious story. Just like an irresistible bar of chocolate, you'll finish it all at once."

Visit Romance Gems every day and enter the Treat Day random drawing giveaway. We're going to have a lot of fun this month and want you to join in!

(By the way, I'll be gone all day tomorrow, but I will read all your wonderful, witty, insightful comments tomorrow evening so be sure and tell me about your candy guilty pleasures.)

Click now to enter the October Rafflecopter: NO TRICKS—JUST TREATS


  1. What an exciting and fun month October will be here with the Romance Gems. As for favourite treats from my childhood? Those molasses kisses come to mind. And SweeTarts. Maybe the molasses candies are unique to Canada? If so you missed out!

    1. Hey, just got home from Baylor Medical. Interesting new doctor. We had a molasses type candy when I was a kid. Called Slow-Poke I think because it took all day to eat it supposedly. Kind of a taffy like consistency but had that delicious molasses flavor.

  2. I remember a few years I bought juice boxes and single serve chips so I wouldn't be tempted to eat any leftovers. What a fun read, Joan. I love your books.

    1. I gave away pencils once when our daughter was in kindergarten because I wanted to be super healthy, etc. I imagine every one ended up in the trash can! *LOL* We live in a gated community now so no Trick or Treaters, and I miss them. Thanks for the compliment. I love your books too.

  3. I absolutely buy the candy I like! Reese's is my downfall and that's really it. I'm not a big candy eater, but there is something about peanut butter and chocolate. Sooo good!

    1. I know, right? I'm not a big candy eater, but chocolate is in a whole other class!

  4. Reese's peanutbutter cups and Butterfingers are my top picks. Thank you for the chance. misspiggysue51@hotmail.com

    1. Oh, I forgot about Butterfingers. Love them. Do you live where they sell Blue Bell Ice Cream? They have a flavor called Butter Crunch that tastes like vanilla ice cream with Butterfingers candy crushed into it. OMG. It's amazing.

  5. We don't buy candy anymore, but I'm with Brenda--love the Reese's and the Butterfingers.

  6. The winner of a Kindle copy of BLAME IT ON CHOCOLATE is Brenda Hook. When I get home later today, I'll send you an email at the address you left with your comment. Thanks, Brenda, for taking the time to enter my Pop-up Giveaway for Oct. 1!


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