Wednesday, October 16, 2019

The Haunted Love Affair @ConstanceBretes #romancegems

Last year, I decided to join this group called Common Elements Romance Project to write a story that has five common elements in them. It could be any genre as long as it was a romance. I decided to try this because I have always been traditional published, and never self-publish before. After some debate among over 100 of us authors, we've determined the five elements.

-->a lightning storm
-->lost keys
-->a haunted house (really haunted or rumored to be)
-->a stack of thick books

-->a person named Max (which can be short for something)


The result is my first attempt to write, and self-publish, a contemporary romance with some paranormal things. Here is the blurb:

A possessive spirit and sex, behind closed doors.

Pamela Parkins accepted a live-in housekeeping job with Dr. Casada and his son, Max in a house built in the 1900s. What she didn’t expect was that the house—more specifically, her bedroom—was haunted by spirits.

Dr. Casada doesn't believe in spirits. He has a purely mathematical mind, and there’s no room for the paranormal. Right?

Strange things are happening in the house. Things Pamela can't explain. On top of that, she's fallen for the doctor. Can they solve the mystery of what is happening? Will she find her happy ever after with the doctor?

The book is scheduled to be released October 21, but is currently available for pre-order here.

Since this month is 

No tricks, Just treats 

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  1. Constance I’m so excited for you with this project. I had to give up because of time constraints. It’s all very exciting!

  2. What a cool idea. I bet every story will be so different!

  3. The paranormal book project does sound really interesting. I checked out your books and it's a hard choice between "Elkhorn in the Moonlight" and "The Haunted Love Affair." But my first choice would be "Elkhorn in the Moonlight." Thanks for the opportunity. Karen H near Tampa (kesh307 at yahoo dot com)

  4. Constance, what a fun way to stretch as a writer!

  5. What an exciting project, and, like Kathleen said, a fun way to stretch!

  6. I LOVE a good ghost story, Constance! Sounds great. Congratulations on your upcoming release right in time for Halloween! :D

  7. What a challenge! Sounds very interesting. Congrats on the new release and taking the risk!

  8. Love when you start the same but everyone's individuality creeps or roars in. We did this in a writing class where the teacher was saying it's hard to copy other unless you literally copy them when you write.

  9. The Romance project sounds really exciting, and the book that resulted sounds like a winner too.


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