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Coffee and Conversation with the #RomanceGems

It's time for Coffee and Conversation with the Romance Gems! So, grab a cup of your favorite beverage and join us for some fun. This month's topic is: Black Friday – yea or nay?

Thanksgiving in the USA is just around the corner! Food, family, friends, and football. But for some it also means the prelude to the biggest shopping day of the year. So, tell me…are you one of those die-hards, up early, caffeinated, and on the go kind of shoppers? Online or in a line at the store? Have you scored a great bargain? Or, have you sworn never-ever will I EVER shop on Black Friday? Let’s talk!

"I'm Canadian and here to report that Black Friday has infiltrated Canada's retail industry. I don't rush out to the mall, though...I'm way past wanting to fight crowds of people for a bargain. As for offering discounted prices on books, I like Cyber Monday for that. Everyone's online looking for #Sale." ~ Bonnie Edwards

"I confess I have participated in the madness when there was something I wanted on sale. In those instances, either my husband or my youngest daughter and I worked as a team to get the selection we needed and survive. Shopping then is crazy, but it can be rewarding to get something a loved one wants for a price you can afford. I don’t camp out but I have shown up at four on Black Friday morning." ~ Carolyn Clemmons
“Black Friday. I confess (or brag?) I've never participated... and never will. I have no desire to see grown men and women fighting over a toy or game that their children will play with for five minutes. This year, like past ones, I plan on buying local, small, and meaningful. For those of you who love it, have fun, save big, enjoy! I'll be in my jammies & hopefully still asleep!” ~ Elsa Kurt

“I don’t do Black Friday. I find that Amazon’s Buy now with 1-Click is too darn convenient during the year. With 10 grandchildren, all growing up, they want gift cards these days, not toys. It’s not very personal, but easier when you don’t know what they want. I do like to buy them books and that’s easy to do on Amazon.” ~ Jan Scarbrough

“When I was a young mother with a larger Christmas list and smaller pocketbook, Black Friday shopping was a ritual. I had a route mapped out that I used every year to avoid the traffic snarls at the malls and to include some favorite off-price stores. That Friday always included poinsettias from Home Depot at greatly reduced prices and Christmas tins from Big Lots to hold my home-baked goods that went to the kids’ teachers. Now that the kids are grown and we’ve lost all the grandmothers, I’ve also lost that ritual. But I do miss it.” ~ Cheryl Bolen

“I'm not a fan of fighting crowds for Black Friday. I'd rather spend the day snuggling, watching movies, and eating Thanksgiving leftovers!” ~ Satin Russell

“When I was younger and funds depleted (read, POOR!) I woke at 4 am the day after thanksgiving and got to the mall before it opened so I could take advantage of the holiday sales. Now that I am waaaaay older, wiser (and richer!) I don't. The crowds, the crazy commercialism, the horrible behavior of people grabbing, shoving, and sleep-deprived, is something I avoid like toenail fungus and bad breath. My older, wiser brain remembers Jesus is the reason for the season, not getting a bargain price on a sweater, tie, or candle no one really wants. I'm much happier remembering that.”
~ Peggy Jaeger

“l love Black Friday but most of my family shopping is complete long before that - so why do I love that Friday in November? It's the day Hubby and I leave our home around 10-ish to brave the malls for fabulous deals for children who might not have one. Armed wish lists we shop for the little ones. On the list - clothes, toys and every child gets a book. We've been doing this together for the last 10 years and it is a wonderful holiday tradition I cherish.” ~ Lucinda Race

“Black Friday ... I remember it well. It used to be my go-to time to people watch. I never really wanted to shop but it was always fun to go to the mall, grab a Starbucks, and watch all the crazy people running around scouring for bargains. Many a story idea was created on Black Friday! Now that I no longer live in a Canada/U.S. border town, I don't get to enjoy the excitement and downright craziness of the chase.” ~ Nancy Fraser

“I’m not a member of the Black Friday fan club. In fact, about ten years ago, when my husband’s job was downsized, we decided as a family to stop doing Christmas presents all around, extended family included. Our youngest was only fourteen at the time, so we worried how it would affect the kids. All three of them loved it. They loved the fact they could concentrate on spending time with family and the real reason for the holiday. We’ve never gone back, and it makes Christmas so much more pleasant without the hassle of shopping.” ~ Kari Lemor

Liz Flaherty's Black Friday family fun team!
“I love Black Friday simply because of the company I keep on that day. Since we live in four different states, my daughter, daughters-in-law, granddaughters, and I don't get much of that specific each other time. So, even though we're not always all there and often we don't buy much, we spend hours shopping, eating, and laughing really hard!” ~ Liz Flaherty

"Black Friday was never something I experienced until my daughter was grown and we could shop together for holiday finds. We don't rush out at dawn. Instead, we take our time, listen to Christmas music in the car, grab lunch and hot cocoa, enjoy the decorations and crazy-good deals. It's an easy, happy day for us, kicking off the Christmas season together. Then it's home with our treasures in time to decorate the tree and watch holiday shows."
~ Kathryn Hills

Okay, it's your turn to join the conversation! Add your comments below or send via email through the "contact us” link on the bottom of the left sidebar. You can also make suggestions on what you'd like to discuss here in the future.

Thanks for joining us!

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  1. I got up once at 3 am and crossed the border with a girlfriend for a shopping day. The mall parking lot was full, mostly other Canadian license plates as Black Friday had not yet become a thing here. We waited for someone leaving, only to have a different car try to cut us off as we went to park. We beat them to it, we were there first, and the woman got out,of her car and beat on our vehicle with her umbrella cursing at us in Chinese. Merry Christmas!

    1. OMG that's crazy! You should put it in a book, Kathleen. Life = Inspiration :D

    2. I shouldn't be laughing, but I am! That's terrible! Although we've seen some madness, there hasn't been much. A guy called my daughter-in-law a name one day because she waved him into a parking place we wanted. We never did figure out what his problem was!

  2. Like others, when money was tight and no online sales, Black Friday was an important tradition. Now I enjoy the day going out with my daughter and granddaughter. Yes, we still go shop and hope to score a deal, but we don't stand out in lines, wear six layers, and pray it doesn't sleet or snow . We're just on a fun mission to look and/or buy if we know someone who'd love the gift for Christmas. We do still carry on our tradition of a DD coffee or a bagel to celebrate at the end of our day.

    1. I'm with you, Nora! That's my idea of a great day! And Dunkin's coffee is a MUST! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  3. I enjoyed the variety of opinions in the post. My favorite by far is Lucinda Race and her husband buying for children. I used to get names from the Angel Tree at church but haven't in a few years. I hope to this year. It's such a heartwarming tradition.

    1. Lucinda's share made us all happy! It's a great time to share the love and help someone in need. Happy Holidays, Caroline!

    2. We buy for children, too--this year we have three. I love doing it. For them and for us, too. We never see who we buy for, so there is no judgment involved.

    3. Agreed, Liz! We're also in that "in-between" spot with our families...very little ones, who don't get real toys, or no kids at all. My daughter and I LOVE choosing a variety of ages to shop for. It's a trip down memory lane to shop toys. And she loves choosing clothes and special items for the older kids. Nail polish and pretty clothes for tween girls? She's on it! Sports jerseys and video games? She's got that, too. We often wish we could see them get their presents because we miss that Christmas magic. Gift cards for our "big kids" in the family are great, but there's nothing quite like toys! :D

  4. Honestly, I try to do all of my Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving. I've not been successful this year. And I mostly do my shopping on line. Sometimes you can get amazing deals on the Monday after Thanksgiving.

    1. Truth, Suzannah! About the great deals after Thanksgiving! You're a better planner than me though with all your shopping typically done early. I'm struggling to keep up this year and still have more to do. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! And...happy shopping!

  5. I do Black Friday online ever since the Christmas when I had everything bought, wrapped, and under the tree, and bad weather and other unavoidable events kept half of them from coming. So the day after Christmas, I was buying boxes and packaging up presents. January 2 found me in line at the post office, mailing all those presents! I said never again. *LOL*


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