Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Two roads diverged in the wood...

As I pondered the topic for this month’s blog post, life lessons, thankfulness, gratitude, appreciation and count your blessings, I wasn’t sure what to write about. I think all of those words are intermingled and the experiences in my life have reminded me to be thankful and grateful. 
Most of the lessons I’ve learned have been the hard way. I’m stubborn and never take the easy route. I was thinking of the famous quote by Robert Frost: Two roads diverged in the wood and I- I took the one less traveled by and that has made all the difference
I have often been at that fork and there have been times I start down on the path only to turn back and take the other. Why you might ask? I’m not sure. What it has done for me is to remind me to be grateful for the blessings in my life. No matter what mistakes I’ve made in my journey thus far they have all meant something to me. 
I’m blessed with an amazing and eclectic family. I’ve written about my loveable and kooky daughters before but I have a kind hearted husband, a thoughtful stepson and his wife, bright and talented grandkids, steadfast brothers and sisters-in-law who are more like sisters, assorted nieces and nephews and amazing parents. The dear friends I have are genuine and true and love me in spite of my flaws. They lift me up when I’m down, we celebrate triumphs together and laugh like no one can hear us. Isn’t that the sign of a true friend one that you can pick up the phone or sit down at a table with you and talk as if no time as passed at all? 
I am honored to be a part of the Romance Gems author group and that I’ve written almost twelve books with several more drafted. Who knew all the words were just waiting to spring from the tips of my fingers and live on a page. I’m blessed to be able to write and touch others through my stories. 
Every day I’m humbled by the people who are a part of my life. My life is richer for the amazing people I’ve met on my journey down either road in the wood. In the coming years I will continue to count my blessings every day and know that it’s okay to veer from the easy path and find my way along the bumps and challenges of life. It makes me the person I am today and shapes my tomorrows. 
Until next time,
I wish you happiness and love.
Here is an excerpt from: Borrowed The MacLellan Sisters Trilogy
Kenzie lay wide awake. The semi-darkness enveloped her like a comfortable old blanket. Her foot was propped up and draped with a lightweight covering. With her good hand, she tugged the hem of the nightgown down over her thighs. A soft snoring sound drifted through the open door; Robbie was sawing wood on the couch. Though she’d never admit it out loud, she was comforted knowing he was a few steps away.
She punched her pillows and lifted her wrist to reposition the cast. She wasn’t in physical pain, but her heart was heavy. 
What’s wrong with me? I’ve got a wonderful family and I’m lying here feeling sorry for myself. 
“Kenzie?” Grace hovered in the doorway, the hallway lamp casting a soft glow around her. “Everything okay?”
“I’m sorry—did I wake you?” Kenzie pushed herself to a half sitting position.
“No. I was thirsty and heard you moving around, so I thought I’d check in.” 
“I’m just a little keyed up. Go back to bed and get some rest.”
Grace padded into the room and perched on the edge of the bed. Folding her robe around her legs, she said gently, “Do you want to talk?”
In a hushed voice, to avoid waking up Robbie, Kenzie said, “I wouldn’t have any idea where to begin.” 
“What are you feeling right at this very minute?” 
“Grateful, relief, happy, sad and maybe a little angry.” 
“Why are you sad?” Kenzie could hear the concern in Grace’s voice. 
In a rush she said, “Everyone’s had to rearrange their lives because I need help. There’s not much I can do for myself, not even wash my hair.” 
“Sis, we’re family. Besides, it’s temporary.” 
Through a soft sigh Kenzie asked, “So why is Robbie snoring on my couch?” 
“It’s simple. He cares about you.” 

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  1. The road less traveled also sometimes brings you to new and exciting places you might never have gone to otherwise! And yes, the challenge of the bumpy road makes us stronger.

  2. We quit jobs and crossed the country with 2 children and a dog...landed at the edge and found a sweet life. Lots of bumps but very worth it!

  3. Frost's poem is one of my favorites. Thank you for a such a thoughtful post.


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