Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Blue As Sapphires #RomanceGems @ConstanceBretes

Montana is the sapphires capital of the United States.

While living in Montana, my husband and I visited a town called Philipsburg. It is a small town with old buildings occupied by local businesses. A 2-man sheriff department, volunteer fire department, a 3 bed hospital and medical complex, with schools, a jewelry store, with several small restaurants and bars. 

What really drew us to the area was that a few miles from there is Sapphire Mountains. Sapphire Mountains is where people can go to search for sapphires. On the other side of the mountains the owners have a backhoe to dig the rocks and on the side where customers can come to either buy bags of rocks that could have sapphires in them or they can search through the rocks already laying on tables to look for sapphires.

A river runs along the west side of the town called Rock Creek, gold has been known to be found there as well as sapphires. 

I took this information, and the town, and created a contemporary romance called Blue as Sapphires. I changed a few things, such as the name of the town, and expanded the sheriff department. The story is about a woman who returns to her hometown to start over after getting out of an abusive relationship. She works for a jewelry store and goes out to the river to pan for sapphires. She meets up with the man she knew as a boy and as hard as she tries, he won’t leave her alone.

When you read the story, you will see the character doing what my husband and I have done. In addition to creating this story, all sales from this particular book goes to the domestic hotline.

 Domestic Abuse Hotline

Click on the book and it will take you to the e-book retailer store you use to order your books.

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Hope you enjoy reading the book as much as I have writing it, and the experiences that I had and incorporated into the book!


  1. This is so interesting--and what a worthy cause for your book sales.

  2. The setting sounds fabulous!! It's so great to be able to find new locations to use in books!

  3. You had some fun travels, Constance. I love this book premise and the worthy cause!

  4. A great idea and cause. Glad you extended your travels in to your book. Great name too.

  5. I loved it! It's such a treat when life's adventures double up as writing research. Great cause!

  6. Very interesting, and similar to panning for goal in Alaska. What a worthy cause you support.

  7. I want to go sapphire hunting! That's so cool. And what a wonderful thing you're doing too!

  8. What fun you must have had on this trip, Constance. My husband and I love research trips. We've mined for crystals, diamonds, and gold and searched for fossils. I'd love to search for sapphires. You are kind to donate to a worthy cause.

  9. I would love some blue sapphires. I once looked for Herkimer Diamonds.
    debby236 at hotmail dot com

  10. How fascinating. I did not know that about Montana. Did you and your hubby ever find a sapphire?


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