Sunday, September 13, 2020

Happy Grandparent's Day! Hugs, Kisses, and Cookies by Connie Vines

There is a special bond between a grandparent and a grandchild. 

 I experienced that special bond with each of my grandparents, doubly so because I was also the first grandchild.

Now that I am a grandparent, I must confess it is a very strong bond.  Different from the bond I have with my own children; but just as strong none-the-less. 

Do you celebrate Grandparent's Day?

Canada, England and the USA all celebrate Grandparent's Day. In the USA and Canada it's Sept.13th this year; England celebrates the 1st Sunday in October.

It Has Its Own Song

The official song for National Grandparents Day is “A Song for Grandma and Grandpa” by Johnny Prill.

It Has Its Own Flower

The official flower is the “forget-me-not” flower.

While many may normally celebrate this holiday by a trip to an amusement park, a meal in a restaurant, this year this may not be possible.
youngest grandson

Grandparent and Grandchildren alike are going to miss those hugs, kisses, and cookies.
So what are some ways to celebrate this special day?

Video chatting or calling and expressing love and gratitude will make their day, they always want to hear from you. 

Sending a card or an ebook/audiobook certificate would be another wonderful gift.

Handwritten notes, a drawing of 'the family' or  hand-picked flowers are what make me happy.

Next year, my grandchildren come over and sit in my kitchen where there will be hugs, kisses, and freshly baked cookies for everyone.

This year, I give thanks that my loved ones are healthy, safe, and know that they are loved.

Three of my 4 grand daughters + eldest son and wife

Eldest grand daughter
Eldest grandson wearing his kilt

 Please share your "special Grandparent's Day stories".

Happy Grandparent's Day, everyone  💖💖    



  1. My grandparents were my favorite people. I wish they were here to celebrate with me. Have fun on your day, Connie. Had fun looking at their pictures. If only we could give the real hugs now. Someday.

  2. My grandparents raised me. My parents at the time were professional athletes and traveled a lot. I don't have grandkids but am so happy for the values my grandparents instilled in me. Hay Grandparents day.

  3. I have two beautiful grandsons, 6 and 1. Yes, the love for them is so strong, I never imagined how strong. Right now I am fortunate that I get to watch them once a week while my daughter is at work. Soon I will head back to Florida and will only get to see them in videos. Being a grandparent is the absolute BEST!!

  4. I had no idea this was celebrated with its own day. I’m years behind...and will play catchup with them for sure!

  5. My husband and I have 10 grandchildren -- 9 boys and 1 girl! I love seeing them grow up. And as the saying goes, I can give them back to their parents!

  6. I miss my grandparents so much. I even had a close relationship with two of my great-grandparents. My children see their grandparents often, because it is one of the most special and important friendships. Loved the post!

  7. Fantastic post! I have very special memories of my grandparents. I have friends who have adopted grandparents for their kids. Such a win-win.

  8. I love grandparents' days, but my grands are pretty much all past it. It's always been fun to sit in for one of their friends, too.

  9. This is never something we have done as a family! Interesting, as I didn't really even know it was a "thing!"

  10. I have never heard of Grandparent's Day.


  11. My grandparents were everything to me. Some of my happiest childhood memories were made when I was with them. Lovely post, Connie!

  12. My grandparents were everything to me. Some of my happiest childhood memories were made when I was with them. Lovely post, Connie!


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