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ELEVEN MORE DAYS OF SUMMER By Kathleen Lawless @kathleenlawless


Instincts. Sixth Sense. Gut feeling. Universal intelligence.

Ever hear that little inner voice’s whisper?

Do you listen, or try to ignore it?

Years ago, I was a newly divorced single mom trying to navigate my way. After extensive efforts, I had finally sold a few books and thought I was set in my new career. But that little voice nagged at me to send a resume to an out-of-town company not even advertising a position. I tried to ignore it. I was happy writing.  I didn’t want a “job.” I told it to go away. The voice became louder and more insistent. Finally, I faxed my resume, said, “There! Satisfied?” and went back to my writing. Before long I heard from the company, which was expanding to include a new sales position in my area, and delighted to hear from me. With mixed feelings, I eventually met the manager and joined their team. 

It was ultimately the best decision of my life.

 Through my job I had more fun, met more people, and traveled to places I never would have gone, including Jamaica, South Africa and Scotland. I wined and dined in fantasy settings here and abroad, most of which have made it into a book at some time, for I didn’t stop writing.

After twenty plus years, the company changed, the work environment changed, and it was time to once again listen to those instincts and become a full time author.

 My hero, Percy, in my upcoming release, HOPE, resolutely ignores his instincts, believing they steered him wrong in the past and are not to be trusted. Poor old Percy gets it wrong a lot before he finally follows his gut and… I won’t give away the plot except to say he finally gets his HEA. 

Here’s a little teaser where Percy is talking to his good friend, Henrietta.

           Henrietta swung about to face him, her expression troubled.  “Do you remember when we first came to Bullet?”

          Percy laughed.  “How could I forget?  It’s only been a few years, but it seems like a lifetime ago.”

          “Exactly.  Who would have thought we’d both end up living here?” Henrietta said.  “You overheard that ridiculous bet Braydon made with his brothers regarding me, and you were a good enough friend to let me know what was going on.”

          “Of course,” Percy said, wondering where this trip down memory lane was headed.

          “And now I know something I feel you should be privy to.  But I’m reluctant to interfere, the way you were then.”

          “You’ve started it now,” Percy said.  “Best to continue.”

          Henrietta pressed her lips together, clearly torn, before she blurted out, “Hope’s in town.  She just arrived and plans to stay a few days.  She has no idea you’re here, and it is possible your paths won’t cross.  Especially if you were to leave now for the dig site and stay there till after she’s gone.”

          Percy kept his expression neutral.  “You said she doesn’t know I’m here.  What, exactly, did she say?”

          “I take it you must have mentioned my name to her at some point, because she knew who I was from my hotel name badge.  She said she’d heard about the town from you and had a hankering to see the place for herself.”

          “Was she alone?”

          Henrietta nodded.

          “No mention of her husband?”

          Henrietta shook her head. 

          Percy blew out a breath and stared up at the ceiling.

          “You’re sorry I told you, aren’t you?” Henrietta said.

          “Henny, I’m an academic.  We’re used to dealing with facts, not feelings.”

          “But, in this instance, I can’t present you with all the facts.  Plus, I know, from our years together hunting for lost treasure, you also rely on your feelings and instincts.”

          Percy shook his head.  “That part I always left to you.  The one time I ignored the facts and relied solely on my feelings, my instincts steered me wrong.”

          Henny’s worried gaze met his.  “What will you do?”

          “What I always do.  Pretend life is a game of chess and study the situation carefully before I consider my next move.”

          “Is there anything I can do to help?” Henrietta asked.

          “Not a thing, my sweet.” 


Preorder HOPE here.

  How about you?  Do you trust your instincts? Have they ever steered your wrong, or did you miss a wonderful opportunity because you were too busy to listen?

 By the way, there’s eleven full days of summer left before the fall equinox, lots of time to grab your copy of LAST CHANCE BEACH, SUMMER’S END for only 99cents.  And a free cocktail book.


  1. I have to say that inner voice of yours is smart. Does it give out advice? I know I've said this before but your name is perfect for your series. Hmm, what is Percy's next move? Now you have me wondering.

    1. Thanks Nora. My inner voice can be judgemental; it's easy to look at what other people are doing and think they are making a mistake, but we all need to learn for ourselves, don't we?

  2. My gut instincts rarely fail me -- listening to them sometimes is the issue. But when I do, they usually talk loud and clear. Love the excerpt!

  3. My instincts are extremely flawed, but I'm always happy when other people's work well. Great excerpt and a beautiful cover!

    1. I bet you can use your flawed instincts in a plot, Liz.

  4. I’ve gone with my instincts more than once and it hasn’t worked so well...especially when it comes to opportunities. Sometimes I’ve hesitated far too long!

  5. Ah! Those little voices inside our heads. Good when they nudge us forward instead of impeding our progress. Looking forward to HOPE—excerpt sounds as if Percy is a great hero!

    1. Yes, they can slow us down at times if we let them.

  6. I believe in my instincts, they are like a muscle - the more you use them, they stronger they get! Too often we mix up the voice in our head with our true inner voice that comes from our gut so it’s our ego we listen to which will get us into all kinds of trouble. Love the excerpt and can’t wait for this next chapter in Bullet’s history!

    1. Right on, Shelley. The gut is different from the ego, for sure. That was Percy's problem.

  7. My instincts are usually right on target. I've often been told I tend to prejudge. I can assess most people in less than ten seconds. Even when I initially ignore that instinctual feeling, it kicks in again. It's saved me a whole lot of heartache and drama. Really glad for that gift. I'll be reading about Percy this one's on my list.

    1. Marcia, I have that same gift. I get frustrated when I see other people going way off base because they don't seem to have it, or if they don't they are not listening.

  8. I didn't follow my instincts once and had a very bad result. When it happened again, I listened.

  9. I have been saved from many a speeding ticket in my day thanks to that little voice.

  10. I absolutely trust my instincts and they have never steered me wrong. However, that doesn't mean I have always listened. Stupid me. I should have said no to a couple dates and a couple job decisions. I've learned my lesson and I trust my gut more now than every before.

  11. I firmly believe each of us possesses a sixth sense that we call our instinct. Excellent post, Kathleen.

  12. Thanks, Caroline. I think we all have it, but it seem like some have a larger dose than others.

  13. I believe in trusting my instincts too.


  14. It is always a war between your instincts and your brain.
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