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5 Things To Know Before You Write A Book by #ElsaKurt #RomanceGems

But What If I Already Wrote it?

It's okay, really. This applies to both new and aspiring writers! There were a few things I wished I knew before I wrote my first book, so I'd like to share them with you -  the I've sort of been writing a book and the okay, I wrote a book but I don't know what to do with it person.
And since this is our Back To School, Back to You month, what better time to re-light the fire for your passion project than now? (*high fives herself for tying it all together)

Nice. But What If I Just Enjoy

 Reading Books?

That's okay, too! Maybe you have no desire or interest in writing and you're wondering, why bother reading this post? I'll give you the few reasons I came up with: 

1You've got a few minutes to kill, so eh, why not?
2) You're just a really nice person throwing the proverbial bone out to a writer & reading this.
3) You've got a friend (relative, neighbor, child) who's really interested in writing, so you're going to skim this & pass it along to said friend (relative, neighbor, child).
4) You. It is really you who has this quietly simmering desire to write, but something holds you back.

5 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Wrote A Book

*I apologize in advance. These may seem incredibly obvious, but by way of explanation, I have to confess: I jumped into this gig face first, with only my love of writing in hand and NOTHING else. 

1) You Need To Have a Plan. In fairness, I did (sort of) have a plan: Write a book, put in on Amazon, make money. Great plan, right? (*rolls eyes) But seriously, have a plan. Word count goals, deadline, editing options, social media strategy, publishing options, and so on. Then, take that very long list and break it into small bites.
2) Commit To The Plan. Hold yourself accountable! At some point, you decided this is what I want to do. Don't back down. Don't waver. And don't let anyone dissuade you. Usually, we're our own worst enemy, so do yourself a favor: be as kind and encouraging to yourself as you would be to a child.
3) Learn, Learn, Learn. I don't care if you're an English major or a high school graduate who spent much of their early adulthood as a stay-at-home parent (ahem, like me). You MUST learn the craft - the magic - of the written word. The resources are boundless. I recommend these two to start: On Writing by Stephen King and The Elements of Style.  
4) Know That No Matter How Many Times You Self-Edit, You Need an Editor. Seriously. I know that you'll read it at least ten times, and on that tenth, you'll decide you've caught all the mistakes. You haven't. Believe me (speaking from experience here) You. Have. Not.
5) You Have To Believe in Your Work. Self-doubt and insecurity never go away. You'll have to learn to put that all aside, learn how to take criticism and rejection. Not everyone will love your work. That's okay because it's not meant for everyone.

I Could Go On, and On, and...

You get the idea, though. There is so, so much more. An addendum for each of those numbers and then more numbers. It's a lot, but please don't be overwhelmed. You absolutely can do this... if you really want it. Only you can decide how much you're willing to believe in yourself, how passionate you are, or how motivated you feel. The only thing I (and authors like me) can do, is help you navigate the path of your writing journey. In fact, it's exactly what I do. If you are an aspiring or new author and feel overwhelmed by the writing, publishing, and promoting process, consider joining Elsa Kurt's Writer Tribe. it's an online/virtual course & live help hybrid tailored to your needs. You'll have instant access to the private Facebook Group and resource files & videos at your fingertips. If you're interested, email me at

No Slick Segue Here...

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  1. A wonderful post, and excellent things to know before you write a book. Or after. And definitely while you're doing it!

  2. All good information!! Writing a book is not as easy as so many people think it is. Writing a GOOD book is even harder! Then getting people to buy it...we won't go there.

  3. Wise words. Double emphasis on it's not as easy as people think.

  4. I don’t write novels but even doing my (mostly) daily tarot post on Instagram/Facebook can be difficult. I can feel the cards’s messages but getting that into a cohesive message in as few words as possible (Instagram has limits) to still convey the deeper meaning isn’t easy. I love what each of you do and admire all it takes to birth a novel! Thanks for sharing some tips and tricks of the trade­čść

  5. Great post, Elsa, and such good advice for anyone who wants to write.

  6. Great advice! Especially about the editing. It's so hard to be your own editor. My editor is amazing and really helps me clean up my stories.


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