Sunday, September 1, 2019

September Sneaks In by @JoanReeves #RomanceGems

Hey, if you ring my doorbell today, I'm not home. I'm at a barbeque because today is the Sunday of our Labor Day Holiday.

Long ago, this holiday was one day set aside to honor the hardworking men and women of the U.S. Then a few decades ago, Congress legalized the holiday and declared it be celebrated on the first Monday in September.

Ever since, the Monday holiday has become a good reason for everyone to take off on Friday if possible and make the holiday a 4-day event.

If anyone is actually out there reading this post today, thank you! If not, I understand. After all the aroma of grilled steak or barbequed chicken plus the tangy taste of potato salad, grilled corn on the cob, and buckets of ice cream are tough to resist.

Updates on the Blog

Quickly I'll tell you that there are 4 new images of 3D Covers on the right sidebar.

This time I shifted things around a bit and put the newly-submitted covers at the top.

By the way, aren't all those covers lined up on the sidebar simply gorgeous? They represent wonderful books by our authors.

You'll see some new writing/reading quotations scattered around the main page too.

In the Movie Theater, you'll find 7 new videos for your entertainment. I hope you'll enjoy those. The lead-off video is for our September Giveaway: Back to School? Back to YOU! Let me know if you like it.

Speaking of our September Giveaway, it goes live at midnight on September 4th. Visit the Monthly Giveaway page for details, and read out policies about giveaways on Policies.

Short and Sweet

That's my post for you today. I'll be blogging another day this month and will have a Popup Giveaway on that day.

But you don't have to wait until then to get a free ebook. You can grab a free copy of LuvU4Ever free at most Kindle shops today.

It's a Moment in Time Short Story, perfect for consuming after you finish with the barbeque. Maybe in a hammock?

Until then, party hearty—and safely!

I'll close with my closing from my newsletter .

(Are you a subscriber? If you are, then you get first notice of giveaways to subscribers, news books, etc.)

Be bold, be brave, be beautiful—on the inside where it really counts.


  1. LOL We celebrated yesterday. A great time spent with family. Rather than a cookout, we had a taco bar. We spent the day swimming in our daughter's pool and then playing games. Enjoy your day today!

    1. Sounds like fun and a good way to cool off. Sometimes I miss our house with the pool—but not very often. *g*

  2. Hey, it’s Labour Day in Canada too. We’ll celebrate with family and maybe a trip out to dinner and a movie. I love the new covers on the sidebar and am always excited to think about the wealth of talent we have here.

    1. I agree, Bonnie. I love that we've got such a great group of authors. They're all so talented.

      I forgot that you have Labor/Labour Day too. Have a great time today.

  3. I've decided that September is my favorite month of all. Windows open to a soft breeze has convinced me. Hope it's a great one for all the Gems.

    1. Sounds nice, Liz. Still Hot in Houston. Hey, great book title, huh?


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