Thursday, September 12, 2019

Inspiration Strikes! by Laura Hunsaker

As an author, the most common question I'm ever asked is, "Where do you get your ideas?"
I don't really have one answer to that, and every author is different. In my last post Good Vibrations, I talked about music. That's a big source of inspiration for so many people, in all aspects of life, let alone writing. But every now and then something happens that

I take my dogs out for a run almost every morning and I hate running. I really hate it. It's about 108 out and I'm hot and tired and I'm doing something I don't like. Because I run in the desert, I can't always listen to music, since I'm keeping an ear out for rattlesnakes. So, how do I distract myself from the fact that I'm jogging in the desert? I daydream.

And what do I daydream about? Well I'm glad you asked!

I have a new neighbor. He's young and fit, and about a dozen young and strong guys helped move in, and all I could think of was...wolf pack. Because isn't that where most of our minds would go? ;) Werewolf is the obvious answer here. My new neighbor is a werewolf.

Maybe that's what I should title my next book?

So, while I'm not saying he's a werewolf,  I am saying that if I found out he was...I wouldn't be surprised.

He's kind of grumpy. He's strong. He runs fast, like way too fast for any mortal. Remember how I said I jog out in the desert? He blasts by me at super speed...supernatural speed, if you catch my drift.I keep finding dead animals in his yard. I mean sure we have coyotes, but...really, what's more reasonable here? Obviously that he's a werewolf.

So, what can I do with a werewolf? I mean besides give him some space, obviously. What if he helps me, a widowed kindergarten teacher hang some new curtains? What if I bake him some cookies as a thank you? What if he's only grumpy because he's been up all night hunting a rogue wolf who's now after me? Maybe my new neighbor has to keep me safe...and close. (eyebrow waggle)

So the next time you're reading your favorite author's book, just remember that our ideas may start farfetched, or even silly, but by the time we work them into a story, you've now got a werewolf who hunts bad guys at night and still finds time to help his neighbor hang her new curtains.

While My New Neighbor is a Werewolf is still just a daydream, Icing the Puck isn't. It's book 2 in the New York Empires, a slightly paranormal hockey team. I write as Kenzie MacLir in this anthology, and keep your eyes peeled for the next installment where my hero is a werewolf...a hockey playing werewolf whose brother asks him to babysit the pack while he's out of the country. Just think of all the hijinks that can ensue when the alpha's twin brother is in charge?

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  1. Good heavens, you have a story right there!!!

  2. Your imagination is as vivid as mine. More so, since I don't write paranormal. It is funny where inspiration strikes, though. I've had story ideas come to me from the strangest places.

    1. Thanks! On twitter we call them plot bunnies since they pop up so quickly and multiply like crazy! Now to find the time to write them all! :)

  3. I love your inspiration. I'm now absolutely convinced your neighbor is a werewolf! ;)

  4. I loved reading how your thoughts went on those twists and turns! So fun!

  5. Okay, when will MY NEIGHBOR IS A WEREWOLF be available? I want to read that. *LOL* Great post, Laura.

  6. Amazing imagination! You must never be stuck on what to write next!

  7. OK, so garlic keeps vampires away. How do you protect yourself from werewolves? Not that it sounds like you'd want to protect yourself from this new neighbor of yours.

    1. I guess I need to "twist" my ankle next time I jog and see if that attracts or repels him ;)


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