Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Writing and Weather by Karen Whiddon

As I write this, it's the middle of the hottest month of the year in Texas - August.  Temps are routinely 100 degrees or more, with heat index 105-109.  It's stifling and awful.  You'd think I'd be used to it, since I've lived in this state 41 years.  But I never have adapted to summer here and at this point, it's clear I never will.

My writing time for my contracted books is 2-5 pm.  I sit in my comfy recliner, usually with one of my dogs curled into my side, laptop on my legs.  This time of the year, I struggle to stay awake.  Even with AC and the ceiling fan on, the heat makes me drowsy.

My favorite season for writing (for anything really) is winter.  Fire in the fireplace, mug of hot apple cider or cocoa, a light blanket over my legs... ahhh, heaven.

Though a good thunderstorm is always nice.    There's nothing better than the sound of rain hitting the room, thunder booming in the distance.

Ah, but most of the time a writer writes inside.  Whether at home or in a coffee shop.  Sometimes, in the spring or fall, I'll sit outside in my yard swing and write there.

However, this is a busy time for me.  I have a synopsis due 9-1, edits on a book due 9-9, and a book that's due 9-15.  I love when it gets like this!  A busy writer is a happy writer!

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  1. I love being busy writing, with that little bit of panic creating an internal stir. I'm a morning writer, though--if it's not done by noon, it's not happening. Sympathy on the heat. I'm an autumn girl!

  2. Hope the AC is working well for you. I admire your work ethic and congrats on all those books!!

  3. I love writing outside. I have a small deck overlooking a duck pond. Favorite place to write. And it's always cooler there since it's under a bunch of trees.

  4. Even in the summer my office is a little too cool for my liking. Blame the neighbor's trees. The other day I had a sweater on and fuzzy slippers. Winter I wear fingerless gloves,a sweater, usually a shawl, thick socks with my slippers. But I tend to be always cold. Summer I write less because the beach and sunshine lure me away from my desk.

  5. My writing space is darker than the rest of the house so my lights have to be on...it's also away from the street noise. Generally, my being in there heats it up! I get hot when I write...must be all those brain sparks. LOL

  6. LOL I'm ready for our five minutes of Fall like weather before winter comes here in Texas. I prefer cooler weather for writing as well. I have my own room for my office now and loving it. No fireplace, though. I'll have to put a picture of one on my wall this winter.

  7. I love writing when it's raining! And yes, Texas is HOT. It's almost unbearable right now.

  8. Boy, can I relate to this! I've spent most of my life in Texas, but I never get used to the heat. Even inside, the heat advisory days make me heatsick. If you go anywhere, you still have to sit in your car until it cools off and walk from your car to the buildings. I love winter and I love, love thunderstorms. Good blog post.

  9. Enjoyed your post, Karen. I guess I'm immune to the heat since I've lived in it most of my life. I like being outdoors. Some days it's hard to stay inside when the chairs beneath the shade of the giant oak in front look so inviting. I've been stuck inside trying to write while sitting in a recliner this summer. My output has been dismal. Of course, I haven't felt that great so that might have something to do with it.


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