Thursday, October 3, 2019

October 3rd by Karen Whiddon

So much is going on in the world, sometimes it's difficult to concentrate.  I have to walk to find my quiet space, and then lose myself in the world I've created inside my books.  I just turned in a Harlequin Romantic Suspense that will be out in 2020 and started my next one that's due 12-15-19.  I adore writing for this line.

I'm also slowly getting up books for which the rights have reverted to me.  I just had covers made for The Wolf Prince as well as The Wolf Princess.  Look for them on Amazon soon.

I love October.  Halloween decorations, fall colors, and lower temperatures (soon, please, soon!)  It's the last quarter of the year, which happens to include my favorite holidays - Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas!  Decorations, parties to attend, lots of good food.  Yumm!  There's little I like better than curling up in my recliner next to the fireplace, with a cup of hot cocoa and a good book!  I can't wait.  But first, summer has to let loose of Texas!


I'm giving away a paperback copy of my Harlequin Romantic Suspense book - Texas Ranch Justice. (Unless winner is outside of the continental United States, in which case I'll send an ebook)  The deadline for entering this Giveaway is Sunday, October 5th.


Every Day is Treat Day in October. Each author will give away a prize of her choice on her posting day. That's 31 days of prizes! 

To be entered in the random drawing for a paperback copy of  Texas Ranch Justice, leave a comment with your email address written out (not as a hot link) on this post.

The deadline for doing this is Sunday night at 8:00pm Central time. I’ll draw the winner's name Monday, October 7, and notify the winner by email and by leaving a comment on this post.

By the way, in case you wonder why Authors give away books, it’s simple. We want to introduce new Readers to our writing.

If you want to say thanks to the Author, please post a review of the book. Just a few sentences saying why you liked the book is all that is needed! Do this, and Authors will adore you!

But Wait, There's More

Yes, indeedy! We're not just doing a daily random drawing for a prize. We're also doing a Rafflecopter with 4 Amazon Gift Card Prizes. Whoop! Big money! Visit our Monthly Giveaways Page for all the details.  


  1. I love October, too. Coolness and color!

  2. Yes, cold weather please! It's way too hot for October. Good luck on your next book! I like the titles of your other ones -- The Wolf Prince -- The Wolf Princess. Very cool!

  3. I know what you mean about getting lost inside your head. Once when I was picking my daughter up from school, I drove past the school. I realized it immediately and turned around to go back. Still thinking about a plot point scene, I passed the school again, U-turned and pulled into the circle drive. She stomped over to the car and exclaimed: "I can't believe you drove by me twice!" She still reminds me of that, but laughs when she does.

  4. You’re lucky to enjoy Fall. Here, I feel the gloom gathering with the shorter days. It isn’t the nights (although it wil be very dark by 4 p.m. by mid-Nov) but the cloudiness. It’s dusk all day because of the clouds.

  5. I love fall. I feel so much more productive when the weather is a little bit chilly. More cleaning, more baking, more writing, more editing. I can't wait for the weeks to come!

    Happy fall everyone!

  6. It was 40 degrees here in New England last night! Had to put an extra blanket on the bed! Come on up and take some of it.

  7. Really nice cover, Karen. Yes, it's great to give older books a chance to find new readers. I tend to be cold, so fall and winter, not my favorites. Sunny fall days are nice, although I see the same clouds coming that Bonnie does.

  8. I'm hoping cooler weather is heading towards Miss.! It has been breaking high temps records in my area just about everyday in Sept. I just hope we have fall weather before winter comes! I love your books and would love to win this one.

    marthalawson8 (at) hotmail dot com

  9. You paint a pretty picture, Karen, of that book by the fireplace. October through January 1st is my favorite time of the year for all the reasons you mentioned. It's 31 right now where I am, so here's hoping some of that fall chill makes it down to you. Come February, I'll be really jealous. hahaha

  10. Winner has been chosen and will be notified via email today!


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