Saturday, June 5, 2021

What Do We Aspire To (Or Not) by Nancy Fraser

I got into a discussion a month or so ago on Facebook with a new author about what it means to be "aspiring". She claimed she was an "aspiring writer". She'd just self-published her first book. After some harsh criticism, she unpublished the book and was thinking about quitting right out of the gate.

I asked her if the one book was all she'd written. Because, once you write something, you're truly no longer "aspiring" to write. Once you've published something, you're not longer an "apiring" author. You're an author. That, what you should aspire to, is getting better at your craft.

She wrote me back a week or two later to thank me. She'd taken the criticism on her book to heart, made some revisions and (as I'd suggested privately) she'd had it professonally edited. Then, she'd uploaded the book again.

The whole thing got me to thinking about other things we "aspire" to do. Personally, I aspire to drink less coffee (not going to happen); I aspire to be a better person, a better parent, grandparent, and better pet grandparent (probably, not happening either since I'm allergic to most things with fur). I do love visiting with pets ... from a distance.

I think about all the things in life (in general) that would be different/better, if everyone found one thing per week to "aspire" to. Perhaps, you need to aspire to be a better driver; a more proficient cook; maybe even aspire to read more. That would make us writers/authors happy for sure.

I'd love to know one thing you'd "aspire" to do. Please share in the comments below.

For me (given "drink less coffee" is off the table), I'd aspire to learn to not kill plants and cut flowers. Surely, somewhere out there someone has published a "Plant Maintenance for Dummies" book. My granddaughter gave me four plants for my birthday in late April. My youngest son had to "rescue" them by mid-May. Only one survived. My brain is not wired for remembering to garden.

Right now, I'm aspiring to improve my promotional skills. I've got the meme and trailer making down pat (I think). I write a mean media kit, and can tweet with the best of them. The aspiring part comes with choosing how and when to share things. I sometime get that wrong.

However, today is a perfect day to share my new release, a revised and re-released version of my Last Chance Beach novella from a previous box set. Adding a couple of love scenes was fun.

Here's a bit about I Do ... Again:

Thirty-five years earlier, Lily Abbott and Mitch Colby exchanged wedding vows in a quaint ceremony attended by a small crowd consisting of four Micronauts, a one-eyed pet rock, two special-edition Barbies, and an assortment of stuffed animals. Officiated by Stretch Armstrong, it was the social event of their 8th summer.

Lily never forgot the childhood ceremony. Or the fact her best friend and first love had left her behind and relocated to Boston to pursue an Ivy-League education. Now a divorcee, with college-bound twin daughters, Lily’s moved on and put the foolishness of first crushes and the childish dream of true love behind her.

At eighteen, Mitch had never wanted the expensive education his father mapped out for him. He’d have been perfectly happy to stay in Summerville, marry the love of his life, and settle down. However, when push came to shove, he’d not wanted to upset his ailing mother, and had left everything...and everyone...that he’d wanted behind.

The 25th reunion of the graduating class of Summerville High has brought Lily and Mitch back together at The Sands, a seaside resort on Last Chance Beach. Will one weekend together be enough? Or, is there a possibility for more?

And, the trailer:

At the moment, I'm aspiring to write a second "pirate ghost" book. Not that the first one wasn't challenging enough. Fellow Gem, Kathryn Hills, and good friend Lisa Olech, are so excited to share this unusal project with everyone as soon as we can!

In the meantime, I believe we should all aspire to be better human beings. Oh, and aspire to write and read more. Until later this month, stay happy, stay healthy, and say well read.



  1. I aspire daily to be a better person and human ( and always fail) and to have more patience with people ( another failure). But I do try, so I hope that counts for something.

  2. Nancy, I aspire to put butt into chair in front of the computer and muddle through writer's block.

  3. I aspire to be more patient...with myself and others. Really great post and I love the trailer!

  4. I don't even try to aspire to not kill plants. I'm useless. The thing I really need to do also is the marketing and promotion. Figuring out how to get people to actually read my books. For now, I'll just keep writing them.

  5. I really, really hope I can grow and keep an herb garden. So, I aspire to have an herb garden. I also aspire to lose 20 pounds but that's not going to happen.....ha!

  6. I'm glad you were so helpful to the new writer. I aspire to learn to swim, but at the same time, I don't do anything about it. A really interesting post!!

  7. I aspire to reconnect with my spirituality, to learn Spanish, and to be more active physically. I had tried to give up Cherry Dr Pepper, but it's like your coffee--not going to happen. I have reduced consumption, but can't get along without it.

  8. I aspire to read more. To be a better time manager. (Yeah...probably not going to happen. Let's face it.) To be more patient and less selfish with my time. Thanks for getting us to think this morning, Nancy!


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