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June Brides by @JoanReeves #RomanceGems

June has historically been the month for weddings.

Here at Romance Gems we specialize in love, romance, weddings, etc. so we decided to make June Brides our theme for this month.

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I think the June trend for weddings began because that's the month when the  weather is really nice in most parts of North America.

June is when college is out so all the engaged couples were free to marry and honeymoon without the agony of college classes hanging over their heads. Then there's the weather issue too. In recent years, beach weddings have grown in popularity.

June Updates for Romance Gems

The Author Spotlight happens to be shining on me this month. Drop by and learn more about me, my books, and my life. I'll try not to bore you.

The Bookstore is always open. Click on an Author's name below her colorful "business card" to be whisked away to where all of her books are displayed.

As time permits, we'll bring back our Movie Theater page, Audio Books page, and others, all of which are being remodeled. Like transforming a kitchen, transforming a website page takes time.

Enjoy the posts this month which are keyed around June Brides.

Visit the Last Chance Beach Webpage.

Last summer, many of our authors contributed to a bestselling box set entitled, Last Chance Beach: Summer's End. All of the short stories were set on a fictional island I created and named Last Chance Beach. I called it the "Island Paradise where Dreams go to Live again."

We tried a couple of times to put together another box set, but there weren't enough authors who had the time/interest in doing it again. We all lead such busy lives that it's hard to block out time to work so intensively on one project.

However, the limited release box set had 55 reviews, all 4 and 5 stars. I was struck by how many reviews mentioned the setting as something they really loved. I had really loved it and the Legend of Last Chance Beach which I wrote.

(Get a free copy of Legend of Last Chance Beach that relates the legend and gives a short blurb of each of the books coming out in the next few months.)

With that thought in mind, I came up with the idea of using the setting for single title releases of full-length novels. It was total serendipity when my pal Nancy Fraser emailed me and asked about using Last Chance Beach as a setting. (Great minds think alike, right?)

She and I talked about that, and we worked together to create a structure for a series of full-length romance novels to be published under the banner of Last Chance Beach Romance. These books will have Contemporary Romance as the foundation with sub-genres of Romantic Comedy or Romantic Suspense.

All of the books will be united by the setting of Last Chance Beach. Readers will get to know the islanders and the businesses who pop up in many of the books.

Some Last Chance Beach Romance novels may be Sweet. Some Spicy. Some Sizzling—but NOT erotica. This way there's a heat level to appeal to most readers. Each author will publish her own book and distribute it as she wishes.

Deceptively Yours

The first full-length Last Chance Beach Romance, a Sizzling Hot Romantic Suspense, is a story of lost love, second chances, and the quest for redemption.

Tatiana was 12 when her mother died, leaving her alone in the world. Her cousin took her in. What seemed like an act of kindness was a scheme to use her artistic talent to cheat wealthy men who were least likely to display art they thought had been obtained illegally.

For six years, her life offered nothing but fear and danger—then she met a young man who gave her love, passion, and hope for a future together.

In an act of breathtaking courage, she defied her cousin. He responded with a vicious assault. A chance meeting with an elderly man saved her and gave her a second chance at life, but she had to leave everything behind—including the man she loved.

Ten years later, Tatiana has done everything in her power to repay her benefactor, to prove she’s worthy of the care and fatherly love he’s given her, and to become a better person. She’s never forgotten Declan Moran who taught her the meaning of love and desire. 

Destiny hands her a second chance at love, but she resists because she's not the girl Declan fell in love with. She never was. She can’t undo the lies she told, the secrets she’s kept—and continues to keep.

Declan knows a devastating secret lies at the heart of Tatiana’s refusal to accept him. He patiently waits for her to tell him the truth about what happened ten years ago, but his patience ends when he suspects she’s in danger. Will what he learns kill his love for Tatiana? Will she find the courage to reveal her secrets before it’s too late? Will she ever accept the love finds in his arms?

Deceptively Yours, a passionate Romantic Suspense about a woman and a man who are destined to be together, is New Release priced at 99¢.

Giveaway: Deceptively Yours

Prize: 1 Kindle copy of  Deceptively Yours.

1. Answer this question in Comments: At which beach would you like to vacation for a week or more?

2. Leave your email addy written out, not as a hot link.

3. Winner chosen by Random Draw on June 6.

4. Winner notified by email. 

Looking forward to reading where you'd like to vacation. The summer promises to be wonderful.

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  1. I love Last Chance Beach and can't wait to revisit it with the new books!

  2. Everyone loves a beach wedding. I hope Tatiana gets her guy and her wedding is on Last Chance Beach.

    1. I can certainly see the appeal for a beach wedding. You'll have to read the end of the book to discover what happens. *g* It's gray here today. A sunny day on Last Chance Beach would be much better.

  3. I just finished your LCB book! Enjoyed it!! Who doesn't want to go to the beach?

    1. Thank you, Kari. Pretty please leave a review? Everyone loves the beach. This past weekend, 300,000 people descended upon Galveston Island! That's a lot of people for an island that small.

  4. We have such an exciting month and the summer's shaping up to be fantastic! I'm reading Deceptively Yours right now. Loving it!

    1. Thanks, Bonnie. I hope you like it enough to leave a review! *g* I'm cleaning house because the buyer's inspection is this afternoon. Later!

  5. This sounds awesome! Can't wait to have the opportunity to read it!

  6. This sounds like an amazing read and I can't wait to snare my copy. Best wishes for all the success you deserve!

  7. Unfortunately, there were no entries for the book giveaway so it will roll over to another date. Happy June, everyone.


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