Sunday, June 6, 2021

Moonlight is always good for romance by @amiedenman #romancegems

We could have a robust debate on the most romantic month of the year, but with #junebrides all over, who could doubt it's June? This is also a terrific month for staying out late in the warm evenings and enjoying the moonlight. 

Cover reveal!


Moonlight and summer are two inspirations behind the 13th book in our Grand Hotel series, Moonlight at the Grand Hotel, coming June 29. My sister, May Williams, and I have weekly meetings (often with champagne, but we love a cold beer, too) and we talk about our love for this romance series. Technically, it's called White Pine Island Stories, but we just call it Grand Hotel most of the time.

On an island off the Georgia coast, guests at the Grand Hotel enjoy five course dinners, dancing, golf, ocean breezes, and moonlight. Each book contains two novellas that connect and intertwine, and we love taking our readers on a luxury vacation with a happy ending every time.

In book 13, Moonlight at the Grand Hotel, a millionaire takes a bar tending job at the Grand Hotel to reconnect with his passion for life and get away from his work. When he meets a ballroom dancing instructor at the hotel, she waltzes away with his heart. In the second novella, a sunny gal new to the island opens a souvenir shop downtown, and she agrees to a fake girlfriend pact with an awkward but intriguing island realtor.

There's plenty of summer, moonlight, and romance, so we hope you'll check out the new book later this month and try out the first dozen books in the series until then. They're all available on Kindle and in KU. Thanks, readers, and enjoy summer!

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  1. These books sound great! I don't think I've ever read a story where the heroine taught dance lessons. Pretty interesting.

  2. I love the whole idea of this series!

  3. I'd love to meet a millionaire bartender. Once I met a dance instructor who with her husband had demonstrated exotic dancing at RWA Natl. She wanted to write romances. Don't know what happened to her. Maybe she's at your hotel.

  4. Good luck with this book. The stories sounds excellent. And who doesn't like the moonlight?

  5. Your fake date story is perfect for the telling in my other group. PM me please so I can send you the sign up link. We are promoting authors on Wednesdays so you can be a guest host. The series sound intriguing.

  6. How nice that you have such a great relationship with your sister. I'd love to stay at your Grand Hotel. LOL The stories sound interesting and I love the cover. Best wishes for success.

  7. Another 2 weeks to go, and your new book will be out. Sounds like a great story. Good luck with it.

  8. I loved this post right from the very beginning as it got me thinking...what is the most romantic month? And I love the ballroom dancing instructor, too. I often have my hero and heroine dancing in some fashion. Such a romantic thing to do! Best wishes to you and May with this series!


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