Saturday, August 10, 2019

No Pets Allowed by @SatinRussell #RomanceGems

On my husband’s fortieth birthday, we were out celebrating when he turned to me and said, “I want a bulldog. You have ten years to get used to the idea, but when I turn fifty, I’m going to get one.”

My heart dropped. This tends to shock a lot of people, but I do not like pets. Any type of pet. I do not want to own a dog, cat, bird, fish, hamster or any other popular type of pet. Owning an animal has never been on my ‘to-do’ list.

Who’s the smarter species? The person picking up excrement or the one being picked up after? As I consider myself part of a self-aware, fairly enlightened species, I do not feel inclined to pick up poo. The very concept chafes on a base, philosophical level.

As a kid, my dad always said the best type of dog was the neighbor’s dog. Dogs shed, pant, drool, bark, and chew on things. They require feeding, watering, and walks. They’re inconvenient to lingering over a second round of cocktails or making travel plans. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard the excuse, “Sorry, I can’t. I have to go home and walk the dog.”

Mind you, none of these feelings were kept secret when I got married. My husband knew where I stood on the subject. However, he grew up with dogs and he misses having one around. And now, he’s renegotiating the terms.

In his bid to win me over, he’s taken to showing me videos of bulldogs—puppies falling over each other, wearing sunglasses, or even skateboarding. It’s always accompanied with a soundtrack of, “See? Isn’t this guy so cute? Look at him!”

And I try. I really try to see the allure. But they have such folded scrunched faces, stocky bodies, and snuffly noses. They fart and snore and – I’ve heard – are overall a very stubborn breed to train.

*Sigh* I have eight more years to come around to the idea. I guess you could say I’m in the dog days of dog-free days.

I'm interested in hearing what you think! Are you a dog lover? If so, why? Maybe you can help me change my mind about owning a pet. Or, are you like me? I'll be honest. I haven't met many people who feel the same way, but I know I can't be the only one.

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  1. I am so not a dog person even though I like other people's, so I understand where you are. Of course, I don't want anyone taking my cats away...

  2. I grew up with a dog (Springer Spaniel named Freckles) and a few cats (not at the same time) and hamsters and fish and a bird. I loved them all ( okay maybe the bird was kind of boring). And I still love animals. But my husband also grew up with a dog and even though we love them we decided we didn't want to get one. At first we both worked and knew we wouldn't have time to give to a pet. Then we had kids and a very small house. No room or money. For years my children begged for a pet, anything. But I also remembered WHO took care of the pets when growing up. Yup, not me or my sisters. It was my mother.
    So I always made a deal with the kids. If you can keep your room clean for a whole month, you can have a pet. I would even help them get it super sparkly first but they'd have to keep it that way. It would show me responsibility. It never happened. They'd complain about not having a pet every now and then, but my oldest daughter, who now has a Maine Coon cat has realized what a chore they can be. And as I help clean her house to get ready for their new baby, and see cat hair EVERYWHERE, I know I'm glad we didn't have one. I'm happy to love on the dogs and cats of other people but yeah, picking up poo doesn't seem like a great use of my time.

  3. Children who aren't raised with dogs are often scared of them later in life. My children always had a dog. In fact, at one year old, my daughter took her first steps toward a standard poodle. Today she is a veterinarian. Today we are down to two dogs and one pesky cat.

    1. Grandson #2 loves animals and just got a toy poodle pup. I’ce suggested he be a veterinarian. Crossing my fingers! He’s 5 but loves all kind of animals.

  4. I’m so very sorry you feel this way. Pets have been proven to prolong our lives, improve the quality of our lives and quite frankly give older folks a reason to get up in the morning. The drools the picking up, the care is worth the admission to years of love and affection. I can manage a year without a dog...then I get the blues. Your man has been a tower of strength to go this long. If a bulldog doesn’t suit you, then discuss a different breed that you may find more appealing. They all shed and some train quite quickly. Good luck!

    1. I’m re-reading all the comments and see where I skipped a vital word! they DON’t all shed. we’ve had 2 non-shedding dogs. Poodles and rough-coated Fox Terriers. There are more!

  5. Dogs love you back. And it's wonderful. I promise! And make your husband clean up after him! This way you get the cuteness only!

  6. Kara's right! Give him all the responsibility, and you do only what seems fun to you. I've never in my life not had pets, can't imagine life without them, but I understand your feelings on an intellectual level. Poo patrol=not fun, lol. I think the allure for us pet lovers is the unconditional love, comfort and companionship they give. Get your list of conditions ready, and let that man get his bully! ;)

  7. When I met my honey, he came with two cute, well-trained purebred champion showdog Westies who had their own film and tv commercial careers. He used to breed and show them. I tried, I really tried to love them as much as him. You either have the 'love pets' gene or you don't. I did my best, but it was a responsibility I never embraced. Everytime we went away it was a struggle to find dog care. I don't pick up poop, so I never walked them. Once they passed, he agreed there would be no more dogs as they don't fit our lifestyle. I understand and applaude people's love affair with their pets. I know they often enhance an owner's life. But they are a huge commitment. One that never called to me. It's a fact that often people think there's something wrong with you if you don't love their dog drooling and shedding all over you as much as they do.

  8. I had pets from early childhood—usually 2 or 3 dogs at a time—but they were outside dogs since we lived in the country. After marrying, I had dogs too, but one at a time. Our last dog lived to be 16 and was truly part of the family. We haven't had a dog since, but I'd like one. We're dogless now because we often go to our house in the country, and there are too many coyotes. One of our sons has severe cat allergies so that's out too. I think pets enrich lives and give what people rarely offer: unconditional love. Dogs are especially good at that.

  9. Lots of people enjoy taking care of other people's pets while they're on vacation or away for work. I've seen their pictures on fb and everyone including the dog looks happy. Saying that, no one could believe when we got our first dog because my husband had no interest in one. She turned out to be his best friend. I'm not saying that's for you, but as many say we never know until we try it.

  10. would it be easier if you guys chose a different breed? Or maybe randomly went to shelters to see if something pops out at you? I had a hard time coming to terms with my husband wanting a dog too, and it was incredibly hard being in charge of a puppy and 2 babies. I surprised myself and loved our dog so much, a couple years later we adopted her brother at my suggestion!
    I'm not saying you'll instantly change your mind, but you might surprise yourself.

  11. Satin, we must be kindred spirits. I have no desire to own a pet. I like my freedom. All my pet fantasies (if I were to have them) can easily be fulfilled by my grand-pets. I love my grand dog and grand cats (even though I'm allergic to them). And they love me back (or at least the dog does). The cats are ambivalent.

    I was once told I was "selfish" for not having a pet. I don't agree. I think knowing my limitations is a good thing. We always had pets when my sons were growing up, so I've done my pet duty. And, the local SPCA is one of my yearly charities, so I do like pets ... just not for myself.

    If hubby follows through on that wish for a dog at 50, just make sure he commits to the clean up!


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