Thursday, June 4, 2020

Winner, Winner, No Chicken Dinner by Nancy Fraser #romancegems

The May Rafflecopter just closed a few days ago. With over 8000 entries, it was our busiest month ever!

That's not to say it wasn't without a glitch or two. Apologies to those who had trouble posting comments on consecutive days. An error code caused two issues, the other was a time issue. Our Rafflecopter runs on Central Daylight Time, so for those of you who are supporting us by posting comments, please realize you can't comment on two different posts on the same day without setting off Rafflecopter's radar.

We also had another issue that comes up from time-to-time and, while it's not the norm, it is disappointing. When we draw the winning names, we also verify the winning task. For instance, if we pull a winner and the qualifying task was "posted a tweet about the blog", we go and look for the link provided. If it doesn't exist, or the link belongs to something else entirely, that entry is disqualified. The same goes with a winning task that requires you to "follow" someone on social media, Bookbub, or sign up for a newsletter. This month, we disqualified four winning entries because the task the entrant claimed did not exist.

As well, the rules on the Rafflecopter draw state: no more then two people allowed to claim entries on the same IP address. We had two different IP addresses using 10-20 different names each. All were disqualified. After disqualifications occurred, our actual total of entries was much closer to our normal count.

The Romance Gems have generously funded these giveaways. All we ask for in return is that you actually complete the task before claiming the entry and that you don't assume a half dozen aliases to do so.

Enough housekeeping rules. Let's get on with the announcements !!!

First Prize ~ $20 Amazon Gift Card: Deborah Dumm

Second Prize ~ $15 Amazon Gift Card: Bob

Third Prize ~ $10 Amazon Gift Card: Karen Haas

Congratulations to the winners! Thank you for your support.

June's contest began bright and early on the first of the month. Our promotion for Summer Days and Summer Nights includes both blog and individual author tasks, as well as Twitter and Trailer shares. We have suspended the "comment" task until we work out a few glitches. Hopefully, it will be back again next month. In the meantime, please keep commenting and interacting with our authors. You can never tell when one of them may give away a book just for the fun of it!

June Prizes:

First Prize: $20 Amazon Gift Card; Second Prize: $15 Amazon Gift Card; Third Prize: $10 Amazon Gift Card

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Until next month's results are in ... stay happy, stay healthy, stay safe! And keep reading!



  1. How wonderful to have 8,000 entries! Good luck to all! Thank you, Nancy, for running the rafflecopter and all the great authors who contribute to our blog.

  2. There's work with blogs. Behind the scenes work. Thanks Nancy for keeping our Rafflecopter going! I've just gone in and deleted several spam comments that appeared for about 4 posts.

    Congratulations to our winners for May!

  3. Thank you, Nancy. And thank you to all,our entrants for being here. Congratulations to all our lucky winners.

  4. Congrats everyone! Thank you to everyone who entered and visited. We appreciate your participation and interest!

  5. Congratulations to our May winners! Big hug and thank you to Nancy Fraser who does such a great job as Promotion Manager, to Jan Scarbrough who notifies winners and awards the prizes, and to Kari Lemor who provides the Graphics every month for the promotions, and to Kara O'Neal who creates the social media posts we use to promoted each giveaway. THANK YOU, ONE AND ALL!


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