Monday, June 15, 2020

Cover Reveal for Rayder's Appeal by @BonnieEdwards #RomanceGems

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Summertime where I live teases us in April. We're in shorts, sandals and getting just a little sun-kissed. But in June, the last of the Arctic winter air is shoved south and the month is known as Junuary. Today, for example, is grey with mist that turns to drizzle that turns to rain. Repeat cycle...for days. Perfect for reading by the fire or writing up a storm.

I've been busy with final revisions and edits for the fourth book in my Brantons series, Rayder's Appeal.

In July, all of the novellas in The Brantons will be available at all major retailers. But for now, Body Work, Slow Hand, and Whole Lot o' Love (and the collection pictured here) are still available in Kindle Unlimited. If you're a member, I'd say it's time to read this set while it's available.

Now onto Rayder's Appeal. This full length novel is a departure from the others in this series. One, it's longer and two, it's more of a mystery/suspense with no lives at stake: just hearts. (See how I slipped the romance in there?)

First and foremost this is a romance, a steamy, sexy, gotta-have-you romance. When I first conceived this idea I was told by other authors and an editor or two, that this heroine wouldn't work. Well...I'm the most stubborn of the astrological signs (no...not Taurus). I'm the one who patiently waits to clear roadblocks, who finds a way around obstacles to get what I want. And I wanted to write a romance about a woman who'd been conned. I wanted the hero to be that con man.

Challenging? Yes...but then I'm the author who brought a heroine with children from different fathers to fruition and readers LOVE her. So, I believe readers will appreciate the conflicts between Rayder and Eleanor. (He calls her Ellie.)

Rayder's Appeal will be available to purchase at the end of July.

What can a reformed con man do when the woman who changed his life needs his help?

Eleanor Macklin has overcome her past and repaired the damage done by her first, and only, love. She has all she’s ever wanted, her family’s art gallery. If she’s not as spontaneous, or giving, or loving as she once was, well… that’s a life lesson she learned the hard way from a master of deceit. And trust is a thing of the past…

Rayder Cole has stumbled on a plot to forge stolen art that could ruin Ellie Macklin’s art gallery. He must get the forgery back before Ellie’s life is in ruins. He’s done enough damage to the only woman he’s ever loved, and now, he’s back to save what Ellie’s worked hard to build.

If Eleanor doesn’t take a chance on Rayder, she’ll lose everything. But trust lost is almost impossible to regain.

While the race is on to find the forger, Rayder’s appeal begins to work its magic again and Eleanor hates that she still finds him sexy. Rayder’s determined to reclaim the woman who stole his heart before he even knew he had one…

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  1. Ohhhh... You got me with this line, Bonnie! "Rayder’s determined to reclaim the woman who stole his heart before he even knew he had one…" I can't wait to read this story!

    1. Thank you! Blurb writing is tough but this line flowed like water!

  2. I liked the other Brantons and this one sounds delicious! Good luck with it!!

    1. Thanks so much’s nerve wracking, no matter how many times we announce a new book.

  3. Love the Brantons! Can't wait to read this one!

  4. This one brings in a whole other side of the family...a little bit dangerous...a whole lot sexy.

  5. Bonnie, great tagline and great cover! Can't wait.

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks Liz...he’s perfectly suited to the book!

  7. You reeled me in with the blurb, Bonnie.

  8. Thanks so much Caroline! I fret about blurbs, like most of us.


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