Tuesday, June 9, 2020

CHICKENS ON MY SIDE OF THE ROAD by Hannah Rowan #RomanceGems

The topic of city girl vs. country girl seems to be popping up frequently in my life lately. I was reminiscing with my daughter-in-law about a brief, unfortunate time when I left New Jersey as a child and moved to Michigan for a few months that felt like a century.



Imagine the culture shock of a kid moving from very urban Newark, NJ, to a farm in Michigan that included not just an outhouse, but chickens. Chickens who pecked at my skinny little nine-year-old legs every time I walked through the yard on the way to said outhouse. It was terrifying.

Chickens seem to be the current must-have item for many people I know. A friend in northern New Jersey built a palace for her new brood. Another acquaintance ordered 50 baby chicks through the mail. At the assisted living where I work, we joined a farm project where we borrowed an incubator and hatched 12 baby chickens. We had to turn the eggs every 90 minutes. Do mother chickens do this? When do they sleep

I recently read a book called HOW TO SEDUCE A TEXAN by Karen Kelley about an out-of-her element city girl reporter who goes undercover to a dude ranch to do an exposé on the hero, who is on to her and puts her in the most primitive accommodations imaginable. And that included not only chickens but a psychotic rooster. I felt her pain.

Now I’m not only reading about chickens but I’ve acquired four grand-chickens with the names Checkers, Siren-head, Cupcake, and another one I can never remember because who names their chickens? At least these chickens are safely confined in a lovely chicken coop—isn’t that what you call the houses chickens live in? Because this isn’t really my area of expertise. But I don’t want to think about the possibility of eating a creature I’ve been introduced to by name.

My grand-chickens aren’t about to become anyone’s dinner anytime soon, as far as I know. Their function seems to be wandering around making strange little sounds and laying multicolored eggs at an alarming rate.

I’ve been sent home with many, many eggs every time I visit. So although I don’t want to make a meal of a creature I know on a first name basis, it seems I have no compunction about munching on my…potential great-grand-chickens. Is that a thing?

In self defense I learned how to make something called a frittata, in a big old iron frying pan, which again reminds me                                                  of country living, but what could
I do?  My world has gone so chicken-crazy that my husband started talking about whether we could have a few chickens on the little balcony of our tiny two bedroom condo. If that ever happens, I’m flying the coop.

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  1. What a fun post, Hannah! There are sooo many cute chicken houses out there these days! My SO and I were talking about that the other night, and I've bantered about the "getting a few chickens" thing for a while now. I'm in the country, basically, with farm land all around. Why not? There is only one thing holding me back...cleaning the coop!

  2. Chickens are limited here to only 4 per household in city limits. And NO roosters to save the neighbours’ sanity I believe. But they are not everywhere and often they’re only kept for a short time. Like a few months. I prefer watching wild birds. But I’d like farm fresh eggs!

  3. Hilarious! Hope you don't fly the coop! I love chickens and would like to have some, but I might not be thinking that through very well after reading your post. Ha!

  4. What a fun post! I remember visiting my grandmother before she moved into town. She let me help feed her chickens. Now our daughter wants to add chickens to her menagerie. I agree with Maddie--cleaning the coop doesn't sound like fun!

  5. You sound like Pioneer Woman, only funnier. Good luck with the grandchicks. Sounds like your fun has just begun.

  6. I buy farm-fresh eggs and enjoy having them because I grew up with them and think they're better. The best part is never having to meet the chickens face-to-face.

  7. Prairie boy convinced me we should put in a small vegetable garden, which I am enjoying more than I thought I would. But if he starts talking chickens, I'm out of here. I buy my eggs from a farm where I am not on a first-name basis with the hens.

  8. Oh, see, now Maddie has added another component. You have to clean the coop? No! Just no!!!!

  9. I'm still laughing, Hannah. I think all roosters are psychotic. I remember when my brother and I were kids, a psycho rooster chased us onto the porch. The crazy bird kept pecking the spaced in front of our feet and each peck sounded like a hammer hitting a nail. Scary childhood trauma. I didn't eat eggs until I was in my twenties. Never thought about it before but maybe it was because of that. *LOL*

  10. Oh my gosh that's too funny! My husband really wants chickens. Like, he really wants them lol

  11. Love it! Great post! 🐔🥚😁


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