Friday, June 26, 2020

Coffee and Conversation with the #RomanceGems

It's time for Coffee and Conversation with the Romance Gems! So, grab a cup of your favorite beverage and join us for some fun.This month's topic is: What are your plans for Summer 2020?

It’s officially summer here in the northern hemisphere! That typically means vacation-time and/or warm weather fun. But this is 2020, and lots of things are different. So, tell me… What are your plans for this summer? Is it a road trip in an RV, or maybe a visit to family? Are you traveling as usual or enjoying a staycation? The beach/pool with a good book? Or, fun in the backyard with the kids, grand kids, or pets? Let’s talk!

“Since my youngest was born, we have been spending a week or more with my in-laws camping, or "cabining" in the great state and wilds of Texas. We haven't exhausted all the vacation spots in Texas, but we've decided to venture out. We'll be heading to Arkansas this year, and we're VERY excited! Can't wait!” ~ Kara O'Neal

“My Summer plan is to survive my deadlines! What was I thinking? No vacation until September when I hope Covid19 is a thing of the past so I can go on a cruise and be pampered. Imagine! Food you don't have to cook? Lazing around and doing nothing but reading and drinking pretty cocktails with cute little umbrellas. If the cruise doesn't work out, I'll recreate that at home. Restaurant meals delivered for a week. There's even a place that delivers frozen margaritas and daiquiris! Unbelievable. So I'll happily write away the summer days, waiting for September.” ~ Joan Reeves

“I love the beach. Salty air, jetty’s and sand count me in and it doesn’t matter the season. Each summer hubby and I like to get away and camp. My dream is to set up right on the beach where I can wake up to the smell of the crisp air and stick my toes in the water before breakfast. These campgrounds are booked a year in advanced. I’m tenacious and I will be victorious. Until then, we’ll be a mile away, but in my mind, the ocean is just outside my front door.” ~ Lucinda Race 

Kathleen Lawless' Airstream Getaway
“Steel and I have a standing reservation, same-time-next–year-style at a rustic west coast resort, and we are always there for Summer Solstice. Except this year, as the place has yet to reopen. At first I was bummed—my time there pre-dates Steel, and over the years my son and daughter have secured their own reservations. Then I realized Steel and I could go some place different, some place we wouldn’t normally explore. So we took a chance and checked out a new resort with totally private restored Airstream trailers on a wooded acreage. We had a blast. And next year we’ll be back to the old favorite. But what a great opportunity to shake off the comfort zone. Other than that, we stay home in the summer. We love it here!” ~ Kathleen Lawless

“I plan to spend my summer at home, reading, basket weaving and working on my diamond painting kits. My publisher is battling cancer right now, so my new book release has been put on hold and I'm currently not writing as I work through the issues of being blind in one eye and working with some program to help me with writing. Alabama is really hot during the summer so it is best to stay indoors with central air and work on projects that I enjoy doing.”
~ Constance Bretes

Liz Flaherty's Sunrises/Sunsets
“Summer vacation of 2020 is destined to be the season of moments. We saw part of our family on Father's Day. We'll see a grandson walk for high school graduation in July. We've stared in awe at sunrises and sunsets. There has been new pleasure in cooking and contests with ourselves to keep from gaining weight from said cooking. I've read three books in the last week. We're experiencing leisure in a new way. As we speak of new normal, we also enjoy new happy. One moment at a time.”
~ Liz Flaherty

“The summer of 2020 for me will be filled with mostly one thing: WRITING I have BROKEN DREAMS, Book 4 of my Storms of New England series coming out in August and have all the prep work to get it there. I am also planning to rerelease my first series, Love on the Line, early next year. We've got new covers, tweaked stories, and books 4, 5, and 6 added to the mix. Work, work, work! But I may (yeah I will) take a little time to visit my kids and snuggle my adorable grandbabies!”
~ Kari Lemor 

“What Are My Summer Plans? We’re supposed to have summer plans? To tell the truth, I’ve been ensconced in this house for so long, I forgot we used to do things, go places. I will, however, go to the family cottage at the lake and get in some quality cool breezes. If they ever lift the restrictions on traveling between Provinces, I might even drive my grandchildren to Cape Breton Island to see their grandfather. Other than that ... I’ll be working on the next story in my Lusty Liaison's Series. At least I have air conditioning!” ~ Nancy Fraser

“Oh, the best laid plans of mice and men. Summer of 2020 is a total gamechanger. On the positive side of things, lockdown gave me time to get things done I've been putting off for years. I've cleaned closets, decluttered tabletops, and donated clothing not worn in years. I've injected new life into old manuscripts. What I value most is reconnecting with old friends. I finally have time to talk and not text. I can send those delayed handwritten notes. I have the time to really be a friend. Best of all, staying home means more time to write.” ~ Marcia King-Gamble

“This summer we’re planning a road trip with 2 little boys to a Gold Rush town in the mountains in the interior of British Columbia. A ferry trip and 8 hour drive. Sounds easy, right? But not in the time of Covid-19. There’s a lot more to do to prepare: checking for hotels that’ll take us, places to eat that’ll take us and even whether the roadside rest areas have open washrooms. No promises made to those little boys, but we’ll try! Everyone needs something to look forward to, now more than ever. Wish us luck…” ~ Bonnie Edwards

“This summer is all about the “staycation” for our family. Mr. H and Darling Daughter, plus the three crazy hounds. LOL Everyone together, which is simply fine by me. I’m super-busy writing now. And we have a new vegetable garden! Lots to keep me busy through the long hot days.” ~ Kathryn Hills

Okay, it's your turn to join the conversation! Add your comments below or send via email through the "contact us” link on the bottom of the left sidebar. You can also make suggestions on what you'd like to discuss here in the future.

Thanks for joining us!

 ~ The Romance Gems ~

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  1. It's good to see that everyone is trying to enjoy summer and has made the best of things! Connie -- I am praying for you!

  2. Well done us! It looks like everyone is finding a balance of writing and enjoying life during this "new normal". can't wait to hear what our readers are up to.

  3. Congrats to all on your plans. Have a fun in the sun summer or at least the AC.

  4. Coffee and conversation. So where are our reader fans? Will you tell us what you're doing this summer? We're dying to hear.

  5. I'm stuck on that Airstream resort. That looks like so much fun!

  6. I've actually enjoyed this summer despite the pressure of deadlines. We've had so much rain—atypical for us in Gulf Coast Texas—that staying inside drives us crazy unless you have something interesting to do.


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