Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Try Judy's Scrumptious Cherry Cake! - by Judith Hudson

For years, in two consecutive houses,  we had big – I mean BIG – cherry trees. We had so many cherries every year that some years we made cherry wine just to use them up. By the time we moved two years ago I was hooked on having a freezer full of cherries. Now every year I wait like a cougar in a tree for the prices to drop: $6.99, $4.99, $3.99, then, finally,  when they hit $2.99 a pound, I pounce!
Judy sneaking cherries
The California cherries are the first, then Washington state, then finally, fresh BC cherries from the Okanagan Valley, the inland, fruit and wine producing region of British Columbia.  Sweet, dark and juicy, this year they are very BIG – almost too big for my doubled barrel cherry pitter. Yes, I’m serious about my cherries.

I usually freeze them with a dusting of sugar (don’t judge me!) but today I wanted to share my favorite cherry cake recipe. This buttery, almond flavoured cherry cake is an old family favourite. I’ve recently found it works just as well in a gluten free version made with almond and coconut flour.
The ingredients are nothing really special, just butter, quite a bit of butter, and eggs and flour (or almond and coconut flour) with a touch of almond extract. The secret is in the beaten egg whites that are folded in at the last minute that keep the cake light and fluffy. Then you stud fresh (or frozen) cherries into the top and pop it in the oven.

It's best eaten fresh, but that's okay because in our house it never lasts very long.

You can get the whole recipe, both wheat and gluten free, here on my website

Perfect for the holidays coming up on both sides of the border next week. Why not give it a try. The amazing cherry and almond aroma alone is worth the effort.

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Until next month, keep safe.

Judith Hudson

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  1. I just love a good cake recipe!!!

  2. That sounds so good! I love cherries, too. When I was a kid, Mom froze them in cardboard boxes (like ice cream comes in) and my brother and I would pop them out one at a time and eat them. I imagine by the time she used them, the recipes were a little lean on the cherries side.

  3. This sounds unbelievably yummy!!! Thank you! Appreciate the tips also.

  4. Mmmm, looks like a very yummy treat!! Thanks!

  5. Omigoodness! I love this post! I have to eat gluten-free so I'm definitely checking out your gluten free alternative. We don't get many fresh cherries around here but I'll be searching now. Thanks, Judith!

  6. What a delicious sounding recipe, Judy! Thanks for sharing. another for my "try it" list.

  7. I love cherries and they are good for your immune system (that's my story and I'm sticking to it). When we lived where we had a peach orchard with a few apple trees also, I used to can and freeze fruit. Now that we've moved to the city, I gave up food preservation. This recipe sounds yummy! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Awesome! What a great share, Judy! 😋🍒

  9. Great post. I love cherries. Just ate 2 lbs. without help. Shh, don't tell. Never thought to freeze them with sugar. I like that idea.

  10. They say the sugar keeps the flavor and color fresh. If they last long enoughto need that.

  11. Thanks for sharing the recipe. I love cherries too. Can't wait to make this cake.


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